Badminton tournament between Hide N Seek cast


The male brigade of the film Hide N Seek found a sporty way to relax after having a hectic night shoot schedule. Any guess what were the team names? It was team Delhi and team Mumbai giving each other a competition on the badminton court.


A thriller ride Hide N Seek is up for release and it must have been a tough schedule for actors to shoot through the nights and empty malls. However, handsome actors Purab Kohli, Sameer Kochar, Arjan Bajwa and Ayaaz Khan have who shot for the movie took some time out to have some fun by playing a sport.


Charming actor Purab Kohli who plays one of the lead roles in movie shares their stress buster formula. “We boys use to play badminton at the hotel where we stayed and we started with a badminton tournament. Sameer and Arjan are from Delhi so theirs’ was a Delhi team, I and Ayaaz hail from Mumbai so our team was named team Mumbai. We had fun playing the game,” says Purab.


But then who won the tournament? “Well, Sameer is a badminton champ, so they won” shares Purab with a smile.

– Chandana H Buch/Sampurn Media

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