Avril Lavigne narrow escapes while surfing, pulled to safety by Brody Jenner

London, June 1 (IANS) Canadian singer Avril Lavigne had a narrow escape with death during a surfing lesson but was pulled to safety by her TV star beau Brody Jenner.

The ‘Complicated’ singer slipped off her surfboard during a lesson in Malibu, California but was saved by Jenner who dived into the sea at the right time to rescue her, reports contactmusic.com.

[ReviewAZON asin=”B000OCXF0Q” display=”inlinepost”]’A big wave flipped her into the water upside down. Brody swam over and dragged Avril to shore but she’d had the wind knocked out of her, had swallowed a bunch of water and was coughing,’ said a source.

‘When Avril realised what happened, she was so thankful Brody was there to save her,’ the source added.

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