Avoiding Labor Day Weekend Traffic: Tips and Guide

Labor Day Traffic Guide
Labor Day Traffic Guide

September 2, 2010 (Calcutta Tube): Millions of drivers are on the road for the Labor Day Weekend. So, you should be expecting traffic delays on the Labor Day weekend especially if you are visiting one of the more popular destinations in your area. However, you can prepare yourself ahead of time to minimize the delay of your trip. Here are some great travel tips for the Labor Day long-weekend. Some useful tips from Traffic.Com

Go early or stay late.
There’s less traffic early in the morning or late at night, particularly on the Fridays and Monday’s of holiday weekends. Just be sure you are well rested before driving late at night.

Travel on the off days.
The worst holiday traffic is on the Friday and Monday evenings. If possible, take a day off and shift your weekend up, or back, a day

Think safety before speed.
The most certain way to slow down your Labor Day trip is to get in an accident. Don’t try to make up for lost time by driving recklessly, and don’t drive after drinking. Last year, 40% of all Labor Day weekend accidents were caused by drunk drivers*.

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The mobile phone app from Traffic.Com shows where the traffic is, and how to work around it.  It’s the mobile web version of NAVTEQ’s real-time traffic alert system with coverage in 52 US city areas. You can pick your city from a drop down and then choose a highway from a paged list or click “Hotspots” to see the 10 most congested roads in your city. NAVTEQ Traffic.com can also show you the relative congestion on each   road. You can drill down into a particular highway and see average and slowest speed, delay in minutes and incident reports.

Save 1-866-MY-TRAFC (1-866-698-7232) to phone favorites

This free hotline 1-866-698-7232 provides speed dial access to NAVTEQ Traffic.com –ideal for avoiding heavy traffic, construction, and accidents on your long weekend trip.

SMS to get real traffic Information:

Simply text your CITY CODE, (NY, CHIC, PHL, LA, etc.) to TRAFC (87232). A long lst of city codes are available at http://bhelp.traffic.com/city-codes-used-for-sms.

Check Alternate Route:

You can use the “Check Your Drive Time” feature at www.traffic.com. Just type in where you are and where you want to go, and it will show you the fastest route based on real-time traffic data.  You can even set up an alternate route, in advance, using the interactive traffic map.

Web Site: http://www.navteq.com/

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