Auto, taxi fares in Delhi likely to go up

New Delhi, June 20 (IANS) Bowing to demands from auto and taxi unions for a fare hike in the wake of rise in price of Compressed Natural Gas (CNG), the Delhi government is likely to increase the rates after its cabinet meeting Monday.

‘A proposal regarding hike in fares of auto-rickshaws and taxis has been prepared by the transport department of the Delhi government. It will be put before the cabinet in its meeting Monday,’ a government source said.

He said the government is likely to accept the proposal for a hike, but the rates may differ from the proposed ones.

At present, autos charge Rs.10 for the first kilometre and thereafter Rs.4.50 for each subsequent kilometre. Likewise, for taxis, the charge for the first kilometre is Rs.15 and Rs.8.50 for subsequent kilometres.

The unions want the state government to nearly double the auto and taxi fares.

The source said the fare charges of taxis and autos for the first kilometre is proposed to be increased by Rs.5 and for the rest it may be about 30-35 percent.

In the wake of hike in CNG price from Rs.21.90 to Rs.27.60, the private bus associations have also demanded a revision of the current fare tariff.

The auto unions say that tariff in Delhi is very low as compared to that in Chennai and Mumbai.

The taxi and auto unions have withdrawn their proposed strike Monday, but said they will go for it if the government does not increase the fares by Tuesday.

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