Atlas Group forays into showbiz with TV serial

New Delhi, Dec 7 (Calcutta Tube) The Atlas Group has forayed into the entertainment segment with the television series ‘Hum Tumko Na Bhool Payenge’, which will go on air on Doordarshan Wednesday. The makers say it will not only highlight the problems faced by rural India, but will also offer solutions.

”Hum Tumko Naa Bhool Payenge’ is a gripping new story targetted towards semi-urban and rural masses. It is an attempt to highlight the backward principles prevalent in rural India,’ Ashwin Kapur, chairman and managing director, Atlas Entertainment, told IANS.

‘India is growing at a fast pace and despite globalisation, the majority of people in rural India still have very orthodox thinking because of lack of education. There is also lack of law and order. Through this serial, we aim to highlight those problems and even offer a solution for them,’ he added.

Directed by Raman Kumar, the serial is produced by Atlas Entertainment, an enterprise of the Atlas Group, and stars Varsha Harinkhede, Rohini Hattangadi, Avtar Gill, Romanchak Arora and Sparsh Khanchandani, who played young Ichcha in ‘Uttaran’.

It is a story about clash of ideologies of a woman who is the head of a panchayat and her granddaughter, who returns to her native place after completing her studies in the city.

While Harinkhede plays the protagonist, Hattangadi will be seen as her authoritative grandmother.

‘We decided to go for Doordarshan because it has a wider reach than any other private channel. It may not be popular in the metros but it is indeed watched by those residing in semi-urban and rural areas,’ said Kapur.

He also says the quality and content of the show is different from others.

‘The shows that we often see on Doordarshan look dull, but the technology used in our show makes it at par with the shows aired on private channels. It is something that would never have been seen on Doordarshan before. The show promises to have drama, romance and entertainment,’ said Kapur.

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