Ashmit Patel-Talks About Toss

Bollywood actor Ashmit Patel talks about the forthcoming Hindi Movie Toss.

Ashmit Patel-Talks About Toss-Interview

Ashmit Patel has been keeping busy shooting and has his fingers crossed for his forthcoming films. TOSS– a flip of destiny, is one among those films that is ought to decide his destiny as an actor this year. He gets candid in an interview and shares with us his good and bad experiences of doing the film TOSS.

Tell us about the film and your character.

It is based in Goa and the story revolves around six friends, who know each other pretty well. My character is paired with Raj; we both work in advertising agency. He is a creative guy and I am the marketing genius. I have the ability to sell binocular to blind man, or comb to bald. Josh, my character is very witty and he has the gift of gab. There is no situation that he can’t handle. The kind of personality he possesses subtly makes him the decision maker of the group.

What is the genre of the film?

It is difficult to put this film in any genre actually. It’s a mixture of everything like our real lives. There are moments of stress, emotion, evil, break-down in fact it’s a mix of everything. It is essentially a story about relationships, and how their dynamics changes with the changing situations. And all of that is set against the backdrop of a thriller. Film on relationships is generally a serious kind, but this is fast paced film with subliminal and subtle message in it.

How much do you identify with the character?

I don’t identify at all with the character, as I don’t think I have the gift of gab, as in, I speak well, but I can’t convince someone on things which I am not convinced about. On the other hand, Josh will make-up stuff on the spot, and will even sell a bottle of water as nectar of god to anyone. I am not aggressive like him, unless I am really pushed.

How was the experience of shooting for the film?

I had a scary experience of shooting a song on bike. Road was quiet slippery because of the rains. In that scene, I am riding a bike and one person is riding pillion with me. While doing that scene, suddenly people behind the camera ask me to ride faster to escape something that was coming behind us. When I looked back, I was blank to see a huge bull. I couldn’t decide where to take the bike, if I go straight I would escape but how will the crew run with the camera, so I took a turn to a small getaway. It sounds funny now, but at that time it was scary.

Why the film is titled TOSS?

We all have choices in life, at times we are at the situation where you are forced to or made to make a choice. Whatever you decide to do then, will ultimately decide your destiny. Each character in this film also faces such situation, exclusively with the choice of X or Y whether it is right or wrong according to their lucrative interest. There are two choices; either you can choose head or tails, so the film is named Toss.

What does the film convey?

I would explain it to you with my own example, Rameshji is very good friend of mine. We have known each other from long time, where we had ups and downs in our relationship. Couple of weeks ago we had a major fight. If the friendship is important to you, you keep every tussle aside and maintain it. It is wise to ignore those petty fights because when you look back you realize how silly that was. It has given me a sense that it is just another film that I am doing, but what I share with my co-star and people associated with it should last long.

What do you have to say about the new director?

I haven’t met anyone who can incessantly talk about cinema 24X7. He can relate anything present around to the film. If you work with such director you have to keep going unless he is satisfied. I love his craziness, and I would say he is a creative genius.

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