Art Exhibition in Kolkata

Kolkata, July 17 (Calcutta Tube / IBNS): Various forms of art reflecting social messages were displayed at a painting exhibition titled ‘Confluence 2’ organized at Birla Academy in Kolkata.
Painters and sculptors from all over India participated in the exhibition that started in the city from July 12 and will continue till July 17.

One of the participants, Aparna Banerjee has used mixed medium in her paintings that aimed to reinvent dying cultures of India.

“Indian dying culture, heritage, crafts, we are losing these. It’s high time to bring them back. They are getting destroyed. We have to take steps to revive them,” Banerjee told IBNS.
“All the colors are important. I have a tendency of making things bright,” she said, when asked about her colour palette.

Another painter, Jaskanwal Kaur from Chandigarh, said: “My paintings are inspired from the green city (Chandigarh).The greenery of the place is really important. From an occupation to scenic beauty… all revolve around the trees of the city.”
Gyanesh Mishra’s sculptures, on the other hand, reflected environment and related issues.

Speaking on the technique, he said: “This is a very old method of transforming gold to different form called electroplating.Here solar system is used in the transformation process. Mercury plays an important role.”

The list of painters include Usha Mishra, Satwant Singh Sumail, T Nageswara Rao,Narasimha Hedge, Jayanta Khan and Prasanta Acharjee.

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Art Exhibition in Kolkata

Photos: Avishek Mitra

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