Art Exhibition by Drishtikon at Kolkata Academy of Fine Arts

The artists of Drishtikon, in their ‘Exposition’ at Academy of Fine Arts, Kolkata, recently explore the idea of art for art’s sake, as they transcreate their experiences, unspoken words, through colours, lines and forms, in spite of no assurance of any probable sale or support during these days of economic trauma.

Drishtikon is not that well-known name in the art scene of Kolkata or Bengal, but they do promise to emerge as an important mention in near future. Most of them are very young, still apprentices, but their boutique will also showcase some experienced artists like Samir Banerjee and Shekhar Das. Both of them are well-adept in their version of expression in two or three dimensional presentations, especially poetic surface textures. Among others, Shiben Chatterjee’s monumental sculptures are strongly rooted in Indian Tradition.

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Art Exhibition in Academy of Fine Arts

– Chandan Biswas

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