Apex court moved to end Husain’s self-exile

New Delhi, Feb 26 (IANS) Jammu and Kashmir Panthers’ Party chief Bhim Singh has moved the Supreme Court seeking direction to the central government to dismiss various criminal cases filed against noted painter M.F. Husain for allegedly making obscene paintings of Hindu gods and goddesses.

In his lawsuit filed in the apex court, Bhim Singh has also sought direction to the government to bring back Husain to the country from Doha, Qatar, where he is living in self-exile since 2006.

Singh moved the apex court after news reports saying that Husain has been conferred Qatar nationality, which he could accept allegedly due to harassment caused to him by fringe Hindu groups and fundamentalists angry over his paintings.

Singh contended that the painter had approached the apex court earlier for transfer of several criminal cases against him filed in different parts of the country.

He said that though the apex court did transfer some of the cases to a Delhi court, it was not enough to end his harassment.

‘Though the Supreme Court has intervened on the right side, it was too little and too late,’ argued Singh in his petition.

‘The Congress-led government, it is clear, has done no better that the preceding BJP-led government in protecting Husain’s freedom of creativity and peace of mind,’ argued Singh.

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