Aparajita Tumi (2012)-A Film Which Deserves Thousands and Thousands Applaud

Feb 12, 2012 (Calcutta Tube): Anirudhdha RayChoudhury’s latest directorial venture Aparajita Tumi starring Prosenjit, Padmapriya, Kamalinee, Kalyan Ray, Indraneil Sengupta, Chandan Roy Sanyal is a brilliant addition in the Bengali cinema. Read the Bengali film review by ace critic Pachu Ray at Calcutta Tube.

Undefeated undaunted gradually unfurled Aniruddha Raychoudhury is a brilliant Film Maker of our time. After Antohin, Aniruddha has marveled us with his magnificent Aparajitaa Tumi, the kind we have never experienced in Bengali film before. The height of Cinematography (Ranjan Palit) has utterly confused us- sometimes it becomes difficult for us to accept Aparijita Tumi as an Indian film. Only to watch lyrical, practical and imaginative use of camera one can visit Aparajita Tumi. I agree my poverty not having sufficient stock of words to praise Shantanu Maitra (Music) along with Anindya Chattopadhyay and his friend Chandril Bhattacharya (Lyrics).I know not whom shall I set aside. There`s none. Shyamal Sengupta in Screenplay and Dialogues, and Arghakamal Mitra as Editor have shown their excellence. In a movie where excepting one ( Saumitra Chaterjee
as a visitor from India)all the characters are immigrant living abroad, the Costume is very important and the necessity has been fulfilled intelligently by the designer Veera kapur. Thanks to Shoojit Sircar and Ronnie Lahiri for producing such a good film under the banner of Rising Sun Films Production. Now let`s have few words about the story line of the film.
Kuhu (Padmapriya Jankinathan) and Pradeep (Prasenjit Chaterjjee) with their two children have had an immigrant family life as picturesque as their American surroundings at Miami. Another neighbor hood couple Ushashi (Kamalini Mukherjee) and Ronojoy(Chandan Roy Sanyal) were friendly with Kuhu and Pradeep. These two couples together spent many enchanting moments in their life abroad. But Ushashi and Ronojoy were not doing well. Enormous luxurious life in USA having neverending security (since Ronojay is a successful corporate) gradually create hair cracks in the relationship between Ushashi and Ronojay. On the other hand, Kuhu has a flair of talking nonsense, which in our story with these two couples, time and again creates annoyance to Ushashi and to Pradeep as well. After a few months, the couple come to know that, Ushashi and Ronojay has moved from Miami to Claremont.On work, during a regular trip of Pradeep to San Francisco, a telephonic invitation from beautiful and sensuous Ushahsi over to their new incumbent, churned him to rush to Claremont where he very much enjoyed her seduction pattern but refrains himself from makeing anything physical. But in the next trip to Claremont finally Pradeep succumbs to his desires (which were lying hidden under the Elms) and shares bed with Ushashi both engrossing each other thus opening a new chapter of enigma to both the couple. Both of them let their counterparts know the stark reality. This scrambled Kuhu’s every illusion about their picturesque family life. Kuhu left her kids to her mother(Tanushree Shankar) and went back to Manhatton, where she had spent her early age. Here again she met her ex Bangla Deshi lover Yusuf( Indranil Sengupta) who
before departing, presented her with Sudhin Dutta`s collection. Pradeep having a solitary life in Miami is being diagnosed as critically ill brain tumor patient. This tumor enabled him to get back tending Kuhu by his side. Thus brain tumor brings Pradeep and Kuhu close together, setting aside Ushashi as a lone traveler, who after all these emotional and physical attachment is now on her way back to India ending the American (fabulous )chapter forever. Aparajita Tumi then rounds up to the frame where from it starts with. Kuhu sitting quietly in the beach watching the waves and the seagulls, and then going through the collection of Sudhin Dutta. And thus life is being placed `beyond right or wrong`.
To talk about acting, it`s an asset not only for Aniruddha but for all the Bengali film directors as well. Two new face- Padmapriya and Kamalini are remarkably fabulous and at the same time another new comer in Bengali film Chandan Roy Sanyal`s acting is also noteworthy. And Prasenjit is Prasenjit is Prasenjit. Indranil Sengupta also played well. Among others the names of Kalyan Roy and Tanushri Shankar are to be mentioned. But here remarkable is the team work.

As we have mentioned earlier about it`s music score, it is our most minimum duty to mention the names of the singers. There are altogether seven sons sung by Rupankar Bagchi, Shreya Ghoshal, Anindya Chattopadhyay and Shantanu Maitra, Boni Chakraborty and Shreya Ghoshal, Hamsika Yiar, Shreya Ghoshal, Suraj Jagan and Monali Thakur respectively.
The story is adopted from Sunil Gangopadhyay`s novel Dui Nari Sathe Tarabari, where the location was abroad, but not USA. To conclude we have a humble question to the Writer and to the Director as well. If Pradeep would have been perfectly all right with no tumor or anything else, how could you have united him with Kuhu? In every such film, in the long run, a girl is made to sacrifice. Now in this film, Ushashi is made destitute. Can`t you think otherwise? Can`t you think something bold at the end?
– Pachu Ray

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