Calcutta Tube/ Kolkata: Aparajita Ghosh-Das is beautiful, not just in looks, but also as a down-to-earth, no-starry-airs, good human being. She is taking to films slow and steady, in no hurry to sign films left, right and centre. She is currently being splashed across the media because of Sriparna, an against-the-grain character she has played with a bright sparkle only she can invest it with in Atanu Ghosh’s Takhan Teish.

Let’s hear your back story in films.
I have been taking it slow and steady till now because there were too much of work on television for me to be concentrating on both at the same time. Besides, I turn down roles that are put in only for the glamour quotient. Sometimes, this has led to mistakes where I gave up what turned out to be a good role, or did a role that turned out to have been the wrong choice. But one learns as one gets on.

Would you like to mention some films you liked working in?
I have done too few films to be able to comment on whether I liked or did not like this or that film. The ones that have remained within me are the four films by Anjan Dutt, of which I specially liked Chalo Let’s Go and Chowraasta-Crossroads to Love. The latter was in English. Anjan-da inculcated a sense of discipline in me. In Takhan Teish, I think Sriparna is the most challenging role I have played till now.  I am also working in two other good films called Bakita Byaktigata and Hanankaal. But I don’t want to talk about them now.

What is Sriparna all about?
She is a young woman who belongs to the same Y-generation I do. But she is everything I am NOT. She is a bubbly, modern city girl who has been continuously making friends, mainly male, on Facebook and even meeting up with them directly. She confesses to Tamadip, one of her Facebook friends, that over the past two months, she has met 15 men from her Facebook crowd. She categorizes the men she meets into four categories – good, bad, strange and interesting. Yet, she is not a girl with loose morals as one might be led to believe. She is very brave and once, when she falls into a dicey situation with one man, she comes out of it with amazing wit and grace. Behind that bubbly charm, Sriparna is sharp, sensitive, responsible and warm. But she does not have a back story. Tamadeep, an introvert, finds such a comfort level with her that he opens out to her in their second meeting itself. She is independent and lives life on her own terms.

What kind of homework did you put in?
Atanu-da knows exactly what he wants and never loses his temper. He is very ingenuous. We interacted for months after having read the script. The two of us actually set up a Facebook account under a fictitious name and kept it running for 16 days to make friends and even met a couple after setting up appointments like Sriparna does in the film. I think this was really an original touch and it gave me a real feel of how the character thinks rather than just acts. I have learnt with time that the portrayal of a given character is only the slice of the cake one gets to see, the character is much more than what one sees, it is the whole cake and that is what an actor should learn to imbibe. I am a director’s actress so I do exactly what the director wants. I have learnt from all directors, and actors I have worked with till now, be it television or cinema.

Shoma A. Chatterji

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