Anushka’s kissing woes


Recently, Anushka Sharma showed her disapproval over kissing Shahid Kapoor. Yes, it is a wonder because any girl would leap at the opportunity to kiss Shahid but Anushka made her discomfort very apparent. This is because she had to smooch him not just once but three times.

The kisses came into the script because Anushka and Shahid got along really well on the sets of the film in the U.S. Director Parmeet Sethi and YRF obviously wanted to show this chemistry on screen too. As Anushka wasn’t too happy about the kissing scenes, Parmeet had to convince her a lot until she agreed. Shahid, on the other hand, made no fuss about kissing her.

Meanwhile, the film has completed shooting and is going through its editing stage. Now all that’s left is to see if the kisses survive the editing and the Censor Board’s snipping.

-Sampurn Media

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