Antaratama (2008)

Antaratama (2008)

Sreelekha Mitra
Sreelekha Mitra

Director: Soumya – Soupriyo
Writer: Satarchandra Chattopadhyay
Original Story: Swami
Cast: Sreelekha (as Soudamini), Chiranjit, Shyamal Akash, Mrinal Mukherjee

Positive Part: You really do not need to go and watch the movie.
Negetive Part: Never ending Songs by Rabindranath Tagore.

Well typical old style triangle love story. Heroine in love with A. A has to fish study abroad. B comes in Heroine’s life. B got married to Heroine. A returns when they have 2-3 babies!!!

When Naren returns, Sreelekha Mitra tries to elope from her poor husband Chiranjit.

Well if you are fortunate enough to watch the film in Theater, please leave a reply and review the film.

Running at: Radha, Lali, Queen, Swapna (Chandernagore), Auro (Chinsurah), Chitra (Bolpur)

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