Anjaana Anjaani (2010) Uocoming Hindi Movie by Siddharth Anand

(Calcutta Tube) Taking offense to a story about the pandemonium in producer Sajid Nadiadwala‘s office over the leakage of pictures of the film ‘Anjaana Anjaani’, director Siddharth Anand said that he or his wife Mamta Bhatia Anand had nothing to do with it.

‘My wife doesn’t need to publicise herself by getting herself clicked with Ranbir and Priyanka. She may not be high-profile. But she has been a reputed stylist for quite a few years. She has styled everyone from Saif to Shahid to Ranbir. To imply that she would ever be responsible for leaking out the stills of my film is ridiculous,’ Anand said.

As for being questioned about the pic-leakage, Siddharth fumes: ”Anjaana Anjaani’ is my film. No one can question me or my wife about it.’

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