Anchal Sabharwal-TV actress on silver screen

Anchal Sabharwal, the TV actress is to be seen on silver screen in Rupali Guha’s Aamras. Read the interview with Anchal Sabharwal at CalcuttaTube.

Anchal Sabharwal-TV actress on silver screen

Anchal Sabharwal of Bhaskar Bharti fame on TV will now sizzle on silver screen. She is making her debut with Rupali Guha’s Aamras and speaks on the same in an interview.

What is Aamras all about?

It’s a film about four 18-year-old schoolgirls discovering their friendship and life in school. These four girls go to a hill station to spend their vacation, there one of them falls for the tourist guy and one of the friends does not like it. This is not because she is jealous of her, in fact she is possessive of her and does not want to share her with anyone.

What is your role all about?

I play Sanya Balsara in the film, who hails from a very rich family, but has her share of insecurities which come from the love and attention given to her younger brothers at home. Therefore, she tries to balance her life through her friends. She always wants to be the centre of attraction. She keeps clicking her own pictures all the time in the film.

What does the film convey?

It is a film with which all of us can relate to, as we all have experienced this kind of feeling. If not ourselves, we would have definitely heard of it. I am sure after watching the film people would try getting in touch with their long forgotten friends.

How was the experience of shooting the film?

I remember once we were passing an old bridge. It was two floors above the ground. I was the one, who kept telling everyone to be careful about walking over it, and ironically one of the wooden logs broke under my foot, and I fell in the gap hanging out for my life! It was a really scary situation.

How was it working with Rupali Guha?

She is very clear about what she wants and how to get work out of her artiste. She is very chilled out; she was more like a friend than a director.

-Deepa Mishra/ Sampurn

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