Amol Palekar: Hindi Cinema neglects content

Panaji, December 5, 2010 (Calcutta Tube/IBNS) Hindi Cinema is more concentrated towards commercial prospects rather than its content,  filmmaker Amol Palekar said.

“Soon after a movie is released, everyone speaks of box office collection. Nobody is bothered about the quality of the content,” the director told reporters after his movie ‘Dhoosar’ (Blurred) was premiered at the on-going International Film Festival of India (IFFI) 2010.

The director lamented that when people speak of Indian Cinema, they sideline other regional movies and talk only Bollywood. “Regional Cinema has contributed very strongly in our country. The role of this cinema cannot be undermined,” he said.

Palekar who introduced Theatre of the Absurd in Maharashtra in the 70s said that Bollywood industry thinks of reaching to every corner as they invest a huge amount of budget in a movie.

“They are under pressure that their movies should be accepted by the masses. Whereas, in regional cinema we can experiment with subjects,” he added.

He said the Marathi films do not find a place in Uttar Pradesh as the distributors  probably prefer action movies.  “Distributors in Uttar Pradesh don’t show interest in showing Marathi films. May be they like showing action films or perhaps they don’t like Marathi films in this region,” he said.

His movie ‘Dhoosar’ showcases Mother-Daughter relation starring Reema, Upendra Limaya, Smita Tambe, Amruta Khanwilkar, Rishi Deshpande, Nagesh Bhonsle, Urmila Kanetkar, Dilip Prabhalkar and Jyoti Subhash. The movie is entirely shot in Goa.

(Reporting by John Edwards)

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