‘Amitakshar’ and ‘Bikhre Bimb’ dramas staged on Oct 10-SHUDRAK UTSAV

Oct 10, 2010 (CalcuttaTube): Amitakshar, the Bengali play by Debasis Majumdar is being restaged by Kolkata’s eminent theatre group Shudrak at their theatre festival. Today was the opening show of the new production that was previously staged on May 2, 1978. The production design of the drama is by Dwijen Banerjee and the playwright himself. It’s a play worth being re-staged. The story transcends over time.

Biswajeet Chakrabarty, Dwijen Banerjee, Soumitra Mitra, Indrani Moitra, Madhuri Majumdar, Premangshu Roy, Sumita Bandopadhyay and others are in the cast of the newly staged drama.

Among the cast of ‘Amitakshar’, Indrani Moitra and Dwijen Banerjee have acted in the older production. In the new production, Shudrak’s associate was ‘Sanstab’, another ace theatre group of the city.

This afternoon the other play that has been staged was Padatik’s ‘Bikhre Bimb’ directed by ace theatre personality Mahinder Nath. It is a Hindi translation of a Girish Karnad’s play that has been translated in Hindi by Padmavati Rao with Anubha Fatehpuria, Chetna Jalan, Sujata Bharti in the cast. The one-hour play was mesmerizing with its intense drama, acting, stage design and technicalities.

Shrabanti Basu

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