Amitabh Bachchan -“I am not a very good business man”

Amitabh Bachchan, ’the phenomenal actor’ seems to have been blessed and showered with the Almighty God’s good will in abundance. We wonder, is this the reason behind his electrifying persona and sparkling energy that he possesses? Though this could be one of the reasons but there are manifold reasons for AB to be noticed-the most important reason however is his humility which has brought him to such great heights. Life has probably come to a full circle for him by performing as a 13 year’s old cute little boy with loads of emotions and sincerity as–Aura. No star can ever be compared to Amitji for the characters that he has played till date. He has come a long way from the angry young man of the seventies to Vijay Harshwardhan the media genius in his forthcoming film Rann, which will be releasing soon followed by Teen Patti.

A brief rendezvous follows-

[ReviewAZON display=”searchquery” query=”amitabh bachchan” count=”5″ category=”All” page=”1″ sort=”default”]Do you ever feel irritated of the media?

No not at all. If you feel so then I must say that your thought process is wrongly insinuating you (smiles). Actually media is the strongest medium that can bring about changes in the society. In fact it can be considered stronger medium than film too. We belong to a democratic country where everyone has the right to freely express his will. Any changes for betterment should be welcomed with open arms.

Shed some light on your character in the film? Kindly bring forth your take on the media?

In any profession one undergoes a conflict between his conscious and business. Similarly, there is a conflict between conscious and financial necessities in the character of Vijay Harshvardhan and how knowingly or unknowingly he gets involved in wrong doings due to political, family, peers or other pressures, is all depicted in this film. Relating to a visit at one of the channels he quips,” I visited a channel and I was taken in and around the channel explored the inner world, they restore and rejuvenate their mind and body, profoundly eliminating and adding news and working towards the latest happenings. They had many more television sets where they could notice the first hand news. The competition keeps them going. These days television spots hold for few moments only you may have noticed everything has acquired a fast pace. We need to maintain truthfulness, bringing forth sincere emotions which may finally lead to integrity. Media is the most healthy medium, introspective and wanting to talk about themselves. The more debate we have it works. It’s a powerful medium. Media is the most intelligent and literate media which can educate the common man and make this World a better place to live in.

Your love /hate relationship with the media over the years… please share your positive and negative experiences?

Using strong words as love/hate relationship/experience with the media will be a bit unfair. I have had my share of good and bad experiences with them. Nonetheless it has been sorted out amicably. I remember in the past something that I did not believe in I disagreed to it. However, we cannot correct anyone as it is their point of view. I remember it was during emergency. An unlikely happening, it was ridiculous media had banned me. The photographers too had stopped clicking me in the recent times. I have been sincerely doing my job. Reminicising how his credentials too were not mentioned in their articles… way back in the seventies like they would write the name of Shashi Kapoor and others but there was no mention of my name just few dots were added in the end. But I am happy that everything is over now.

What is your take on life?

Life is a struggle. When babuji (father) was alive I would always look up to him to get his advice and now I find solace in his poems. He would always say films need to be painted in a poetic manner which comprises of just two or three hours. One needs to pursue life sincerely by working hard and defeat can never over take success.

What went wrong with your company ABCL?

I think I am not a very good business man. Our company had shut down with a loss of almost outstanding amount of Rs. 90crores. I owed money to many people and this made me very uncomfortable. After few years I would take the list and go to each one trying to clear out all the debts. As I wanted to clear my sick financial status, I tried to work my way and with God’s good will I was able to get back to my normal way of life.

You have always kept the media at bay during your family functions. Nonetheless, it is obviously a personal affair but being a celebrity the audiences love to take a sneek peak. Comment.

These are very delicate issues while a daughter is getting married it is not only a precious moment for the family members but also a tender and a poignant moment for all of us. Our girl daughter is leaving our home and going to a new home. It is a valued as well as a powerful decision once in the lifetime of the girl as well as the family members which makes our heart sorry as well as happy too. We did treat the media with sweets and soft drinks across the road but there were some disagreements with the photographers. At certain juncture we do not want to lose our privacy. Another sour incident that occurred during Abhishek’s marriage was too very awful. That lady cut her hand in front of our house it was a deliberate and a frivolous act a staged act indeed. Another incident when Sameer [lyricist], I share a long relationship from Allahabad with his father Indivar. He had invited me to launch his book .And during the course of conversation I just said “Jab Abhishek ka ladka paida hoga…” I left the event as I had to go somewhere out. By the time I returned home I was shocked to note that the channels were flashing giving importance to ladka as a gender biased tale. You believe it I was so shocked as my intentions were meaning to a child. I did to have an iota of thought that I am stressing on a baby boy or a baby girl. That news has lashed me into legal issues. I am still fighting it out. Is it not strange indeed?

Celebrities are the soft target of the prying eyes of the media comment?

We are a part of the media and one must accept that. If I am a public figure I need to be extra careful and they should not go beyond the society conduct. I have to be well mannered and well behaved.

Off late children are committing suicides at large number. What is your advice to them?

It is a sad situation. Parents have to groom their children and tell them it’s wrong. It’s the sign of a weakness. We should learn to fight and face life. If one door shuts God opens various doors for you. My parents were always liberal with me and let me do what I wanted to do in my life. On the other hand children should not succumb to this cowardice act.

What is your message on this Republic Day, January 26?

It is a matter of pride for all Indians. India has progressed in all the directions more so after having attained Economic liberalization. Every Indian should strive hard to progress, enjoy and maintain our independence.

– Lipika Varma/ Sampurn Media

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