Bollywood actress Ameesha Patel and Kanav break up


Feb 2, 2010 (Sampurn Wire): Ameesha Patel has split with her NRI boyfriend Kanav Puri. The couple split after dating for three years over differences that have arisen between them. Kanav wanted to marry Ameesha while she wants to try her hand at acting one last time, which has led to their split.

According to sources, Kanav and Ameesha’s relationship has been troubled for about 8 months now. Kanav proposed marriage to her in June when he came to India for her birthday. She has been unsure of what to do since then and didn’t give him a proper answer. Kanav grew tired of waiting.

Ameesha is not desperate to get married as she has recently buried the hatchet with her family and isn’t very lonely anymore. Kanav had been her support when she was alone and had broken up with Vikram Bhatt. However, now that her family is back in her life, her relationship with Kanav is being sidelined.

It’s not as if Kanav gave up easily. He came to India once again in December to ask Ameesha about her decision regarding marriage and she told him that she would want to focus on her career. They aren’t on speaking terms anymore and have taken time off each other.

-Sampurn Wire

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