Amar Sangi (2009) Bengali Movie Review

Amar Sangi-Love Eternal is a 2009 Bengali film directed by Subhash Sen starring Moinak, Riddhima, Rajatava Dutta, Rajat Ganguly and others. Amar Sangi is a romantic Bengali movie with mostly newcomers with some veterans.

Amar Sangi (2009) Bengali Movie Review
Amar Sangi-Love Eternal is a 2009 Bengali film directed by Subhash Sen starring Moinak, Riddhima, Rajatava Dutta, Rajat Ganguly and others. Amar Sangi is a romantic Bengali movie with mostly newcomers with some veterans.



Shoma A. Chatterji

  • Presented by: Bengal Films 2004
  • Producers: Jagadish Pandey, Nikhil Ranjan Pal and Jhuna Majumdar
  • Direction: Subhash Sen
  • Story and Script: Utpal Roy
  • Cinematography: P. Devaraj (Chennai)
  • Art Direction: Satyen
  • Music: Babul Bose
  • Lyrics: Gautam Susmit
  • Cast: Moinak, Riddhima, Rajatava Dutta, Rajat Ganguly, Tanuka Bhattacharya and Chaitali Dutta Burman
  • Date of release: December 18 2009
  • Rating: ***/10

Amar Shongi 2009 Bangla Cinema
Amar Shongi 2009 Bangla Cinema

Priya (Ridhima), the only child of filthy rich parents with a father whose earnings come from dubious means. She supposedly goes to school but we never see her actually going to school.  One day, on a trip to Lover’s Point, Priya and her friend are attacked by a gang of hoodlums but are saved in the nick of time by Raja, a poor boy, and falls instantly in love with him. She does not know that he is the only son of the widow who takes in tailoring orders from her mother. Raja is conscious of his social and financial status and tries to ward her off, explaining the differences between them. But she continues to stalk him everywhere.  She even follows him to the public library and snatches away an important book. Raja is furious and tells her to keep away from him forever. She takes out two notebooks and shows him how she kept awake at night to copy the entire book for him! Raja is amazed and begins to respond. The two meet at Lover’s Point every evening. When Priya’s father learns of this unequal liaison, they decide to run away together with the corrupt police officer who is her father’s right-hand man hot on their chase. This sparks off an adventurous journey full of action and suspense to reach a very tragic end. Just when Priya’s father is won over by his daughter’s readiness to give up everything for the boy she loves, Raja gets shot by the police officer. Priya snatches his gun and empties all the bullets save one, into him, felling him forever. She shoots herself with the last bullet and the QSQT romance is over.

Amar Sangi (1987), directed by Sujit Guha, was a turning point film for Prosenjit. It remains one of the biggest hits of Bengali mainstream cinema that established Prosenjit firmly on the saddle of the winning horse in this rat-race of the masala mainstream. Sad but true that this Subhash Sen film bearing the same name as the 1987 hit does not bear the slightest resemblance to the Prosenjit-Vijayeta musical romance whose songs remain hummable to this day.

Amar Shongi Moinak and Ridhima
Amar Shongi Moinak and Ridhima

Subhash Sen’s Amar Sangi has little for avid watchers of Bangla cinema because it offers precious little even in terms of entertainment. It has a very predictable and defeatist storyline. Romantic tragedies faded away in terms of popularity with the exit of Quayamat Se Quayamat Tak many years ago. Besides, QSQT was a landmark film of its time and had everything going for it – promising newcomers who made their mark over time, a talented young director, wonderful music and despite the tragic end, an entertaining script that tried to tie all the loose strands together. In retrospect, QSQT is melodramatic to an extreme. But when it came, it became a big hit turning the lead pair into overnight stars.

Amar Shongi Bengali Film 2009
Amar Shongi Bengali Film 2009

One does not see the likelihood of stardom either for Moinak, the young man who makes his debut in this film as Raja, or for Ridhima, who made her debut in Friends earlier directed by Satabdi Roy as Priya. Raja’s biceps are rarely visible in the film despite his endless acts of dishoom dishoom. These recent Bengali films stress the desperate need for young actors to first go through a grilling session in elementary acting before they face the camera. Subhash Sen is a veteran director. It is disappointing to find him bank on completely new faces with little to show in terms of acting. The drama part, where the lovers are running away from place to place are full of action and adventure and this manages to raise the film to a slightly higher plane than the singing and dancing in colour-coordinated costumes with the male partner having two left feet that went before. Priya looks the pretty and stupid girl she is expected to so one cannot really blame her for her non-acting. Raja appears to be serious about his education but we never see him going to college. Rajat Ganguly and Tanuka Bhattacharya as Priya’s parents, Chaitali Dutta Burman as Raja’s mother and Rajatava Dutta as the corrupt police inspector who virtually runs a police state in the neighbourhood are reasonably in control of their performances. Not so the terrible actor with his horrendous grimaces who plays Priya’s useless brother.

The music, that could have lifted the film somewhat, is neither here nor there and the cinematography and editing are as unimaginative as they are expected to be. You will really not miss anything if you give this film a miss. It is sad to find youngsters wasting away their education on a future that possibly does not exist.

by: Shoma A, Chatterji

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