‘All Bengal Chess Competition for the Blind in Kolkata

Kolkata, June 28 (IBNS): As many as 60 visually impaired players competed against one another at the ‘All Bengal Chess Competition for the Blind’ here on Thursday.

The chess competition was organized by the National Institute of Professionals (NIP) NGO.

The blind students were selected from different blind schools and organizations of different districts of West Bengal.

Chess Grand Master Dibyendu Barua inaugurated this chess competition.

West Bengal Commissioner of Disability Mita Banerjee was also present to grace the occasion.

Barua said, “Chess is just about the only sport where blind people can compete with ordinary people. I am really happy to see them so motivated. What has struck me is their love for chess. I think they are quite motivated and feel deep down that they will be successful.”

Banerjee said “Chess for the visually challenged should not merely be a pass time, but be an instrument to hone their concentrating skills and to develop their personality so that they have better self esteem.”

She also informed that there are already more than 15 international masters in the world from the visually challenged fraternity in India.

Their playing technique is very similar with just a few differences.

Blind players are allowed to touch the pieces of their opponent during the game, which is not allowed in ordinary games. And each board has small holes in it; the pieces have nails in the bottom so they can then be attached into the hole.

There were some very exciting games and some close finishes.

The competition was held in 5 rounds followed by the prize distribution ceremony.

RESULTS – The winner of this Chess competition was Sankar Chakrabarthy, at the second position stood Beebtyajeet Dey and the third place was backed by Ganesh Kisku.

There were few other categories of awards too like the Best Junior prize was given to Mirjan Seth and the Best Lady award was secured by Pratima Ghosh.

Along with this, all the participants taking part in the competition were given certificates of participation too by the NIP NGO.

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