Alaap presents ‘Mahabhoj’: Bengali play based on Rabindranath Tagore’s short stories

SagardweepMaHAbhOJ : A Preamble

As a South Point High School student, Sagardweep always cherished a craving for acting. It is in his ‘Sahaj Path’ (First Lessons Made Easy) that he met Rabindranath for the first time in his early childhood. The grandeur of a Bard celebrated worldwide in the wake of his 150th Birth Anniversary somewhat mystifies Sagardweep: He does not know why people around him are so busy to do something that would prove their adoration for the Poet. But, as luck would have it, he comes across a copy of the Tagore text of ‘Bini Paiser Bhoj’(A Treat of a la carte), a hilarious one-act play for a solo performer. He feels he must get it staged. He would not listen to any pretext of the lack of means to secure a proper fund or a modest size of personnel —– we have to succumb to his zeal.

Off we went to detour the Wonderland named Rabindranath; and culling a few short stories and a few humorous playlets from his treasure trove, we made a one-act play of about 30 minutes for Sagardweep. The rehearsal started in no time, and Sagardweep already had his lines ready. ‘MaHAbhOJ,’ has a very simple setting, a demure lighting, with only three participants (the actor included). The frugality, to the best of our capability, is sought to be compensated with the spirit of the performance.

MaHAbhOJ : Synopsis

The story of ‘MaHAbhOJ,’ goes like this : two friends, Uday and Akshoy, are always at loggerheads with each other and are on the looking out for the best opportunity to pull each other’s legs. Uday outsmarts Akshoy on most of the occasions. Now, Akshoy comes to Uday’s place because the latter has invited him to a treat of a la carte. But Akhsoy senses that everything is not as rosy as has been promised and best wisdom perhaps lies in a prompt escape.

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Mahabhoj Bengali Play

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