Akshaye Khanna and Marriage

There are two things that the reclusive Akshaye Khanna is sure of. One is he wouldn’t want to share screen space with his father. The other is he doesn’t want to get married.

Akshaye Khanna and Marriage: Intimate Interview with Bollywood Actor
There are two things that the reclusive Akshaye Khanna is sure of. One is he wouldn’t want to share screen space with his father. The other is he doesn’t want to get married.

Says Akshaye, “I don’t believe in the institution of marriage. Yes, the other day a pandit predicted I’d definitely get married in 2009. He said he can write it in his blood, ‘Iss saal teri shaadi pukki’, I was horrified. Now I keep asking everyone around me to assure me it won’t come true. The fact is marriage is just a legal piece of paper. I don’t see why the government needs to get involved in what two people do with their lives. It’s none of their business.”

As for working with his charismatic dad, that’s also a no-no. “Even today I’d think ten times before facing the camera with him. In terms of physicality alone he’s so powerful. No point in sharing space with him until I feel confident of matching him by at least ten percent. As a star-son it’s a constant struggle to move away from being known as Vinod Khanna’s son and create my own space.”

Otherwise nothing has changed about Akshaye over the years. He remains as reclusive as ever. “I like it that way. I see no point in talking about myself unnecessarily. I’m not high-profile person. I like being as low-profile as humanly possible. So I’ve no interest on reaping the benefits of a film by talking about its success. In the long run, it’s the film that matters. Talking about yourself is of no consequence. It doesn’t come naturally to me. Yes, Race was a hit. If people want to remember me in Race, they will without my selling myself.”

Akshaye refuses to admit he does too little work. “It’s not conscious. In fact next year I’ve three films. If I had my way I’d work 365 days a year. As for being picky, who isn’t? Aren’t Abhishek, John and Hrithik picky? Hrithik’s last release was Jodhaa Akbar more than a year ago. I’m starting a new comedy in South Africa with Anees Bazmi No Problem. It’s got me, Sanjay Dutt, Anil Kapoor, and Kangna Ranaut.”

akshaye-khanna Interview
akshaye-khanna Interview

Akshaye Khanna who has done comedies in the past with the prolific Priyadarshan will start shooting for a serious film on a caste -based marriage in Bihar with the prolific director. “Yes, I’m doing a non-comedy film based on a caste issue with Priyadarshan. It’s got Ajay Devgan and me. Priyan has been making a whole lot of comedies. After that I’m starting another film with a new director. I don’t recall doing a film with a new director except Lateef Binny with whom I did Dehak many years ago.”

[ReviewAZON asin=”B00067PIFY” display=”inlinepost”]He blames someone from within the unit of his latest film Short Kut for planting stories of his differences with his co-star Arshad Warsi. “I haven’t done it for sure. Whoever spread these stories did it for no reason than to create a stupid silly hype about the film. People enjoy reading about such battles between two actors. Even I do. Arshad and I get along quite well. I really enjoy spending time with my co-stars especially if they’re good actors. Arshad and I are at loggerheads as characters in Short Kut. But to create that antagonism on screen, you’ve to be compatible with your co-star. A screen partnership is almost like a marriage, a short-term but strong commitment. If you don’t get along with your unit the film suffers. I don’t work towards it. But I just get along with my co-stars. I’m a very blunt person. If I don’t like someone, it’s sure to know.”

Akshaye is full of praise for Arshad. “Short Kut is Arshad’s best performance to date. He’s better here than he was in the Munnabhai movies. I play a writer and assistant director who hopes to make his own film. I’m the only normal character surrounded by these zany people. And by the way Short Kut has the distinction of being written by two of our finest writer-director of comedies Neeraj Vora and Anees Bazmee.”

It was even said that Akshaye refused to promote his new film at a recent international event. “Nothing could be sillier. Because all of us from the film had gone with the express purpose of promoting the film. It was an insane charge.”

His last film Mere Baap Pehle Aap, he says, did decently enough to make money for everyone. “It’s just that the film wasn’t hyped up as a hit. No matter how nominal, the film did make profits. I can name so many films that have been declared super hits but haven’t made money. I don’t want to name them because they involve friends.”

Akshaye is satisfied with the roles he’s doing. “I don’t see too many other actors doing the variety of roles I am doing.”

Akshaye has no plans of turning director. “I don’t think about it. It’s something that may happen. But not right now.” By Subhash K Jha/Sampurn

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