Akshay Kumar-Vipul Shah sue Bengali Producers

Akshay Kumar and Vipul Shah take legal action against Shri Venkatesh Films for making Poran Jaay Joliya Re an exact copy of Namaaste London.

Akshay Kumar-Vipul Shah sue Bengali Producers

Akshay Kumar and Vipul Shah take legal action against Shri Venkatesh Films for making Poran Jaay Joliya Re an exact copy of Namaaste London.

This one comes straight from Ripley’s believe-it-or-not books of blatant copyright infringement.

Co-producers, business partners and fast friends Akshay Kumar and Vipul Shah discovered to their amused horror that a new Bengali blockbuster Poran Jay Joliya Re (PJJR) has blatantly lifted the plot, scenes, even frames and costumes from Namaste London, without a by-your-leave from the producers.

Says Vipul, “I had no clue about this Bengali film until; I read an interview with the film’s producers blatantly admitting to the fact that, there were similarities between their Bengali film and our Namaste London. I took into confidence a large number of friends and advisers in Kolkata who saw the film repeatedly and made a report on the similarities. The copied scenes ran into 5-6 pages in the report!”

Now Vipul flies to Kolkata on Sunday (today) to initiate legal action. “Our legal advisers in Kolkata are confident that we’ve ample evidence of the Bengali film being copied from Namaste London. Even the Bengali hero (Dev) makes his entry wearing a kurta and kadha. You tell me why a film set in Bengal has its hero in a Punjabi get-up like Namaste London.”

The film is strewn with what Vipul sees as blatant examples of plagiarism, enough to initiate legal action against the Bengali producers Sri Venkatesh Films early this week.

Says Vipul, “We don’t want monetary compensation. The Bengali film is a big blockbuster. It has made huge amounts of money. A compensation of 5-10 lakhs means nothing to them. Other filmmakers would be encouraged to plagiarize knowing all they’ve to do is shell out a small compensation. We want to make an example of this case, so that regional filmmakers would think twice before lifting Hindi films. The penalty should be severe.”

Ironically, Namaste London on release was said to be inspired by Manoj Kumar’s Purab Aur Pachim. “That was not correct. There were no similarities between the two films except for the fact that in both cases the innocent hero goes to England and confronts the cultural Diaspora. Namaste London was inspired by a friend of Akshay’s who underwent a similar experience.”

More recently Vipul Shah’s new under-production film Action Replay is said to be inspired by The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button.

Says Vipul, “That was a very irresponsible piece of reporting. It prompted Warner Brothers to issue a statement. But the fact is Action Replay is about going back in time, whereas Benjamin Button is about age reversal. Let them find one similarity between my film and Benjamin Button and we’re ready to face the consequences. I disapprove of plagiarism in any form or language. And by taking on the people who’ve copied my Namaste London in Bengali, I’m actually making sure none of us in Bollywood ever falls for the temptation of taking the easy way out to success by simply borrowing a successful film.”

– Bollywood-Tollywood news and gossips / Subhash K Jha / Sampurn

26 thoughts on “Akshay Kumar-Vipul Shah sue Bengali Producers

  1. This should have happened long before this.Now tollywood writers and directors must think about writing and making some new and original stories.

      1. Obviously , i think this would be good for our industry … i dont knw why inspite of having everythng , we are not making something original .. i have travelled to various parts of india and one thing i can say in full confidence .. ( whatever others say or whatever examples they show do not matter) , still bengalis or atleast the people of west bengal are more intelligent than major part of the country .. then why cant we make something original or atleast just take the theme of a pre recorded movie .. not copy it frame to frame ..i think if the producers spent good amount of money and make a movie on some simple , smart but original plot , the movie can surely be a hit .. bollywood directors or writers are not ‘bhagoban’ that whatever they have done , we have to blindly copy them … to make a hit movie ..we have everything in us and even we can something good .. and i think the time has come .. we have so many smart short stories coming up in unish kuri or the other magazines .. why cant we just try on them .. i know there are risks but some good songs , smart locations, trendy costumes, good fights , and good camera reduce the risk factor to about less than ten percent .. then y cant we go for something original .. ?? ..

        1. Sultej Bro,
          problem with Entertainment industry is huge. They make things what people like to watch. Larger than life type. Guess what, even I like to watch some of the entertaining movies. But I also agree that can sure come up with great stories full of entertaining moments. Many new directors are trying.

          Think what had happened to Madly bangalee..how many weeks did it last? It is hard to make films for the MASS while targetting for the CLASS

          1. I completely disagree with you.If you are making a film for MASS that does not mean you have to copy from other films again and again.
            Making a film is very much complicated task.But writing a MASS-COMPELLING story is not at all a very difficult task.
            You are talking about Madly Bangalee…It was not at all a film for mass audience.It was mainly for multiplex janta and youngsters..and the film worked very well in that circle.
            Mass audience go to hall for some paisa vasool entertainment.But tolly film writers-directors-producers might be thinking the Mass as Dumb ass.
            There is another point.They are copying other original Mass-Entertaining movies to make these copied entertainers.But the original story was written by someone…so see…it is not that difficult to write an original story.
            What these tolly-people are doing is looking for shortcuts to their success..

          2. Sure,
            I don’t disagree at all. I also prefer to see original stories. That’s why whenever we interview someone, be it a film star or director or producer, we always ask about their thoughts about “copy films”. Some just avoid the questions, some feels it is not a big deal. I think the best answer we have ever got are from two people –
            1. Amitabha Bhattacharjee
            2. Ranjit Mullick.

            If you have not read their comments on the subject matter, check it out.

        2. Though I am a hardcore Bengali , but I would like to differ . We shouldn’t pass ourselves as the most intellectual race , No.

          The fact is that though we are intellectual , people in the industry , I mean to say the directors and script-writers lack aptitude or are too lazy to work hard , to innovate , best brains are not coming to our industry , they are working in Bollywood , South Indian films.

          We are not able to retain the best . This is problem with our race . We never give due respect to the worthy ones .Its sad but its true . Look at the political structure in our state . Opposition and Ruling party cannot compromise for the sake of people .Something has gone terribly wrong in past decade that we have to see this day today . There has been a decline of human and moral values in our culture .

          Look at Amartya Sen !!! Shouldn’t he be the VC of Kol. Univ. ??? we can’t retain talent . its our problem.

  2. I think this entire controversy could have
    been avoided if the director or the script
    writer had given the tiniest of efforts.I would repeat what I said in my review,some of the elements of PJJR were just there for
    the sake of attaining similarity with Namastey London-like passing off Malaysia as London,or the instance that Mr.Shah mentioned.
    Having said this,these types of cases havehappened in past,there has always been money compensations in past.I heard
    Mr.Shah claiming to stop the screening of PJJR ,if charges are proven.I must say
    that is quite infeasible.He might want to
    set an example as he demands,but there have been much worse cases of copycat before,if examples were not set there,how could he rise above the law?

    1. passing off Malaysia as London 😀

      Didn’t they did that even in “I Love You ” to honor the original movie “Nuvvostanante Nenoddantana ” , where Siddharth is a resident of London.

      I cannot just comprehend their( bengali commercial film directors) psychology . What they think , that the public is so dumb that they cannot differentiate between London and Malaysia !!!

  3. Can’t resist passing my opinion seeing Sutlej and Pritam talking about lack of
    originality of scripts.
    I would say there is a slight difference
    between being inspired and plagiarism.Though none is desired,yet I feel in the first case,there is little more novelty.Most Bollywood films lack
    originality(barring some directors like Imtiaz Ali),but they are not plagiarised.
    SVF has brought so much innovations to this industry,yet one wonders why they
    are negligent about this.I feel the primary reason is that public have
    accepted this in their stride,and none
    have questioned it.
    Another reason might be to eliminate the
    risk factor.What if the new storyline
    does not interest audience?Instead,lets
    follow the tested storyline.But,then you
    ask yourself,if a super-successful production house like SVF does not take
    risks,who will?

    1. A wonderful question Kanishka, there are only few successful production houses from Kolkata. We should now take risks and try new script writers too. Keep the discussion rolling.

    2. So what do you mean to say kanishka?Please be brief.A “super successful production house” SVF has “copied”(I don’t mean to say “being inspired”)70% of its produced films from some other film(Tamil/Telugu/Hindi).
      I am not talking about bollywood.I am talking about bengali film industry.As you have mentioned many films in bollywood lacks originality.But mind it…their are also many films in bollywood which contains unique story and concept.
      But in tollywood you will be able to find barely two or three films a year which you can say original….
      Jai hok na keno,PJJR has got the punishment from the court.Screening of PJJR is banned now.SVF all other production houses should take lessons from it.

      1. Pritam, I don’t think you understood my views or probably didn’t read my comment
        thoroughly.Your views in this reply are
        same as mine.I feel being inspired is more
        acceptable than plagiarism.I have tried
        to point out the reasons behind this tendency of plagiarism.But,then,if you are
        opining that SVF has done nothing innovative in other departments ,then you
        lose my vote.

  4. A pointer :

    90% of current Bengali movies has repetitive bgm score .Can’t the music director create new tunes for each movie for each situation ??? :O

    Even the songs in I Love You , Bhalobhasa Bhalobasa were straight lift from the South Indian tunes !!! why is that ??? :O

    1. Dear hate plagiarism,the allegation you have made here is something new we are hearing.As you said songs of I love you,
      Bhalobasha bhalobasha are lifts,so,would
      you please give the initials of those
      songs or name the south indian movie to
      which they belong so that all at CT can
      check out.Nice having you here.

      1. “Bhalobasa Bhalobasa ” film is copied from Telugu movie “Bommarillu” directed by Bhaskar starring RDB fame Siddharth and JTYJN fame Genelia .

        The song “Bhalobasa Bhalobasa ” picturized on Shrabonti and Hiron ( or Hirak , pardon me i dont know his name ) is a straight lift of Bommarillu’s song “Appudo Ippudo” sung by hero Siddharth himself , music director being super talented Devi Sri Prasad ( who scored the bgm for KAMAL HASAN’S Dasavatharam , though HR was its MD ).

      2. “I Love You” copied from Telugu movie “Nuvvostanante Nenoddantana ” directed by Prabhu Deva ( his debut film as director and after that he has directed 2 more movies in Telugu , 2 in Tamil and “Wanted” in Hindi ) . It starred Siddharth and Trisha .

        The song “I Love You” is a straight lift of the song “Niluvadhamu ” sung by Karthik and Sumangali , whereas its music again composed by DeviSri Prasad .
        Almost all of Prabhu Deva’s film has DSP as music director ,except the Tamil remake of Pokkiri where he retained the original Telugu composer Mani Sharma .

        1. Kalyan…looks like you can almost send us good news clips as a report that we can publish in a post. That will keep all of your valuable information in one place. What about writing a small article on Plagiarism and Bengali Cinema in Recent Time- A report.

          Let me know. You can send the report to admin@calcuttatube.com

      3. If u wish i can post youtube links of vids of these songs , so that u can check it out yourselves 😛

        1. Thanks.I did check out them and was shocked to see the similarity of the songs(even the background score).Strange,that it was never highlighted before.Are the songs
          of Challenge,PJJR plagiarised as well?It would be good if you do
          provide the links for other CT
          members.I don’t think Ankanda will

          1. Sure, I will not mind at all. Our goal is to make CT as much informative as possible. We always look for good criticism which analyze the trend of the recent bengali films and songs.

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