Akshay Kumar talks about Housefull 2: The Dirty Dozen

Akshay Kumar is back with his comic avatar in Sajid Khan’s Housefull 2: The Dirty Dozen. TWF correspondent Sreya Basu chats up with the actor on his new film, fashion, action and wife Twinkle Khanna




Every time a film releases, the cast and crew start thanking each other at the promotions. Are you doing the same for Housefull 2?


All my co-stars and crew keep on thanking each other for Housefull 2. I will also not be the odd one out. I will thank myself as I forced myself to work in this film. Also, I don’t like giving speeches. Speech should be like a mini skirt…the shorter the better.


Why is the tagline of the film The Dirty Dozen?


Sajid (Khan, director) would have answered it better. The film is about four fathers, their four daughters and their four prospective grooms. And all these twelve characters are very flawed. So they are all dirty in their own flawed way.


Whom do you consider as the most fashionable star of Bollywood?




And apart from you?


Well, I think Salman (Khan) is very good. He has his own fashion grade.

Coming back to you being rated as the fashion icon of Bollywood, whom will you give the credit for your style statement?


Honestly speaking, I will give all the credit to my wife (Twinkle Khanna). Fashion and style are something you inherit from your parents. But I have inherited fashion from my wife. She made me fashionable.


Why don’t the two of you star in a film together again?


What are you saying! We did two films together (Zulmi and International Khiladi, released in 1999) and both flopped.


Many of your colleagues complain that you lose temper frequently on the sets. How true is that?


You will never find me angry. People, who know me, will tell you that I never get angry; very rarelymujhe gussa aata hai.


With Shah Rukh, Saif Ali Khan and Salman doing action films these days, do you feel you are losing the action hero title in Bollywood?


See, I have not done hard core action films for a long time. But I am returning to action once again. As for your question, none of us (actors) are fighting for any title. We are not horses at Mahalaxmi race course. We are all actors and one fraternity. We do films so that our industry moves forward. We all have three-four films in hand, so there is no need to fight.


How real are your stunts?


All stunts in my life so far have been done by me only. I have never taken the help of duplicates and/or wireworks. Action comes naturally to me. It’s a part of my life…in fact action is a part of me.


Media buzz says you are planning to quit action films…


Look, I am 45-year-old now. I will do action films for another five years. But after that I will do hard core stunts only of my body permits.


 What is that one thing that you are scared of?


I am most scared of my wife.




Name one man who is not scared of his wife. Ask any married man and you will know.

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