Akon took off shirt on stage, a la Salman Khan

Gurgaon, April 17 (Calcutta Tube) International pop star Akon threw open his black shirt and his black vest just the way our own star Salman Khan does in movies and on stage.

What followed thereafter, was a sight to behold! Hundreds of boys ended up removing their t-shirts and shirts and swayed it in the air, as the Senegalese-American singer sang ‘Take it off’ at his grand concert here Saturday night.

‘If you are a true Akon party animal, take off your shirts!’ Akon shouted out to all his fans.

Seconds later, a whole lot of men in the 2000 plus crowd bared their chest, and waved their shirts and t-shirts in the air in sync with Akon. There were yellow, red, black, white, blue shirts in the air all over the HUDA Grounds here.

The girls were only going crazy as Akon stripped down to a fit, toned bare chest.

As if the excitement wasn’t already enough, Akon threw his shirt, and several people jumped to catch it. His vest followed and everyone seemed to want to grab the sweat-drenched piece of his clothing.

Akon set his Indian fans in a party mood as he belted out popular hits like ‘Don’t matter’, ‘Ghetto’, ‘Smack that’, ‘I Wanna love you’, ‘Dangerous’ and ‘Beautiful’, among others.

The pop star turned 38 Friday, and was in full mood to party hard. He went crowd surfing in a transparent balloon, and later all by himself, letting his fans get a full feel of the Akon magic.

After all this acton, he was quite tired and demanded water too. But Akon was considerate enough to offer water to his fans as well – but in a different way.

He threw open at least 20 bottles of water and splashed it all over the crowd that stood right in front of the stage, and later even shared the cake he cut for his 38th birthday at the venue.

Thanks to the concert, Akon has left behind memories of being a people’s person – and said he would love to return to India next year.

And in a way he lifted the spirit of music lovers who were disappointed after the cancellation of Bryan Adams concert here a few months ago.

‘Delhi, you’re all party animals!’ he admitted before leaving.

He was invited to India for the concert organised by Netsurf Entertainment, B.M. Group and IVNO Events and Productions in association with Thrive Entertainment and S. Raj Entertainment. He will perform in Bangalore Sunday.

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