Ajay Devgan’s talks about Prakash Jha’s Hindi movie Raajneeti and more

Bollywood actor Ajay Devgan talks about Prakash Jha’s Hindi movie Raajneeti and more.

April 25, 2010 (Calcutta Tube): Bollywood actor Ajay Devgan talks about Prakash Jha’s Hindi movie Raajneeti and more.

Ajay is one actor who has done it all, be it the hard hitting political sagas of Prakash Jha’s Gangajal, the comedy-Golmaal or film Omkara, a film from the ace director Vishal Bhardwaj.

From action, thriller, politics and comedy which genre are you more comfortable with?

“Infact, it is the character that attracts me. As an actor one has to work on his character and that’s what I usually do.”

Ajay clarifies on his character in Rajneeti, “This character that I play has no resemblances to any Politician in real. The real hero is the script which has come straight from Prakash Jha’s heart. If accidentally there is any resemblance to any politician then it may be but nothing in particular. I did not work keeping any real politician in mind.”

Rajneeti will be your fourth film with Prakash Jha, how is it working for political scripts?

“Actually Prakash as you say rightly has political knowledge, being a part of Politics, he is capable of making hard hitting entertaining sagas. He portrays things very efficiently making it very easy to work with him. He is very clear with his concept. That’s his forte.”

Rajneeti has a whole bunch of actors, so how was it working with all of them?

“Surprisingly, I do not have any combined shots with all the actors. Most of my shots have been canned solo. Yes! Most of my scenes I perform are with Manoj Bajpai.”

What is your take on politics?

“Politics mostly is known to be a bad game. But who do we blame? It is we who are responsible to bring about progress in the society. The people belonging to politics are from amongst us. In fact, politics is an essential part for the country’s progress which finally leads to the world’s progress too. I beg to differ – I feel politics is a good game but people engaged in it need to work selflessly. It needs to be having selfless people who could work sincerely for one and all. We blame each other but it is high time when we all join hands to work for the betterment of the society as politics is a platform which can definitely bring about an over all changes [good changes] in the country.”

Well! Given a chance would you like to join political arena?

“I think I am not made for this arena. More because whatever I would like to put forth would be a simple progressive thought. I am not a shrewd person hence I feel political games are not meant for me to play.”

You have come a long way and are still going strong. Is it because you are choosy?

“Some of my films inspite of being choosy could not create a traffic jam at the box office” giving an example he adds, “London Dreams could not survive at the box office window. But, yeah most of my films have done well at the box office. Probably the characters of the films were remarkably written and performed well by the actors. I agree that my career graph has been at a high but all I do is sincerely work on all my characters.

Coming to your physical persona, what is the mantra of you physical fitness?

“Well! I maintain proper diet, and workout has enabled me to maintain good health.” On a lighter note smilingly he adds, “Drinking and smoking has kept me fit. Ajay is surely a family man. He has struck a balance between his profession and his family.

How does you manage time from your busy schedule?

(Smiles) “I definitely like to strike a balance between my family and professional commitments. It is a matter of time management.”

So what is that one thing that Nysa loves to do?

Pat comes a curt reply,” Nysa loves to travel all over the world. And mostly while I shoot abroad she accompanies me. She enjoys the fresh locations and the city. Traveling is her passion so I see to it that she gets her passion fulfilled.”

What is happening in the near future?

vGolmaal3 is a comedy film I can not disclose more about my character. Once upon a time, Toonpur Ka Superhero, are forthcoming films. I will be coming back as an action hero with Priyan’s film.” concludes Ajay.

-Lipika Varma / Sampurn Wire

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