Aishwarya Rai wasn’t Vivek Oberoi’s first crush!


Feb 3, 2010 (Calcutta Tube): It’s was celebrities galore on ‘Dance India Dance!’ After Salman Khan and Amitabh Bachchan made their presence felt, this week it was the very spirited Vivek Oberoi who took off full throttle.

Our source informs, “Vivek Oberoi reminisced the memories of his struggling days with Geeta Kapoor to his choicest memories with each of the mentors- Vivek clearly stole the hearts of one and all. The enthusiasm with which Vivek entered the stage and got himself involved in the show clearly showed that DID was unquestionably one of his favorite shows. He was totally enthralled by Shakti and Kunwar’s contemporary urban hip-hop act on ‘bheegi bheegi si hai raatein bheegi bheegi’ and Binny and Kishore’s ‘Saathiya act’.”

Adding on our source says, “It is known to very few that Remo D’Souza is responsible for giving Vivek one of his biggest hit songs of his career– ‘Ae ganpat chal daaru la’. But this time, ‘Ganpat ne daaru nahi chai pilaayi…’ Vivek was clearly on a trip down the memory lane. He went on to narrate how during his struggling days, when he was a dancer in Farah Khan’s troop, Geeta Kapoor was the only girl who had given him some ‘Bhav’.”

Vivek Oberoi tells every one very excitedly, “Guys you won’t believe, Farah had entrusted me with the duty of serving tea to everyone. So I was the official chaiwala in Farah’s troop. I used to serve tea to all the unit members. Nobody used to agree to dance with me. One day Geetu took pity on me and made me her partner. I was totally overjoyed! She was one of the best dancers in the troop. And undeniably the most beautiful and sexiest one! And let me confess to the entire world, I had one of my biggest crushes on Geeta Kapoor.”

To dada (Mithun Chakraborty), he said, “Dada, you are an idol for people like us who aspire to become somebody from nobody. I must have seen your ‘julie Julie’ song some 2000 times! I’m totally crazy about this song”. To keep his request, an enthusiastic Mithun da put the stage on fire as he danced on ‘Julie Julie….” with all the contestants!

Vivek’s presence was totally a joie de vivre for the entire crew. Watch Vivek this Friday only on Dance India Dance.

-Sampurn Wire

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