Air India crew, engineers on flash strike

Mumbai, May 25 (IANS) Over 15,000 crew members and maintenance engineers of Air India went on a flash strike all over India Tuesday, hitting the carrier’s normal operations, according to airport sources.

An Air India official, however, said flight operations were ‘normal and the management has no information of the strike’.

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  1. One thing comes to everybody’s mind is the problem going on withing Air India is due to employee or employer, the so called management under Arvind Jhadhav. whatwe have seen in last one year is a great loss book of Air india, salary delays, strikes, worse accidents and so on……… And during this whole episode within who is to be blamed. An external agent from Air India or an internal agent from Air India. In such a situation let us look at last three years to have a clear picture of what is happenning within Air India, As if you go to history there was never such great problem in the national career before like this. Then what has changed so recntly. Yes the million dollar quiestion……… go in detailo and you will find it is the government policy to combine two airlines and the suspected way of appointment of present CMD who was posted in position after high drama last may. And regarding employees we don’t find a lot change as most are completing about 30 years of service. And the recent news– the gag order not to disclose any thing regarding company ( including unprofesional way of certifying aircrafts ) to the media or anywhere. Are they fair– The million dollar quiestion…………. And here we find there is some problem with the management issuing such notices to stop something of hiding irregularities within the company to the media or public view……… And is it fair—- NEVER—— It is high time our civil aviation minister and present CMD for Air India tell us why such a order of sealing the voice for genuine things are given…………. And it is right time we should get a clear answer whether the management is capable of managing Air India in a democratic way.

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