Agyaat (Hindi Movie)-By Ram Gopal Varma

Agyaat is the forthcoming Hindi movie by Ram Gopal Varma. It is a horror film where an unknown killer is at loose iin the wilderness. The film has the cast by actor Gautam Rode, the tv actor, which he thinks is a good break for him.RGV takes distributorship in Andhra Pradesh for his upcoming thriller ‘Agyaat’.

Agyaat (Hindi Movie)-By Ram Gopal Varma

Agyaat is the forthcoming Hindi movie by Ram Gopal Varma. It is a horror film where an unknown killer is at loose iin the wilderness. The film has the cast by actor Gautam Rode, the tv actor, which he thinks is a good break for him.

After having done films like Annarth and Bomsi U and Me, model turned actor Gautam Rode is all set to begin a new innings in the industry with Ram Gopal Varma’s Agyaat. The actor who earlier turned his attention towards television with serials like Baa Bahoo aur Baby, Lucky and Parayadhan says that his hard work has finally borne fruits.

Gautam recalls, “When I got a call from Ram Gopal Varma’s office I was on cloud nine. My meeting with him lasted for an hour and he narrated me the film and there was no question of me refusing to work with him”.

Like most of the RGV films, this is yet another horror venture where a film crew gets stuck in a jungle and an unknown predator starts killing them one after the other. “It was a great experience shooting for the film and we had to shoot deep inside a jungle in Sri Lanka known as the Sigiriya forest. We were there for over a month. I won’t deny the fact that it was a bit scary. I play a superstar in the film. My character is called Sharman Kapoor and he is short tempered and doesn’t listen to anyone,” reveals Gautam.

“My character interacts with every other character in the film. It’s a complete masala film where there is action, dance and songs and is very fast paced” he further adds.

Shooting in the strife ridden area like Sri Lanka says Gautam was very unnerving, “but we were shooting away from the actual area and the war turned intense after we completed shooting the film. Shooting for a horror film has been an experience by itself. It really saps your energy” reveals Gautam. Soon Gautam will be seen in Star One’s miniseries Shhh…Phir Koi Hai.

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RGV takes distributorship for ‘Agyaat’

RGV takes distributorship in Andhra Pradesh for his upcoming thriller ‘Agyaat’.

Ram Gopal Varma seems to have super confidence in his upcoming thriller Agyaat which is all set for a release on August 7th. So much so that he has gone ahead and bought for himself the distribution rights of the film for the state of Andhra Pradesh. He had to pay an astonishing price for the same reveals a trade insider.

Agyaat has been shot in the jungles of Sri Lanka under difficult conditions. The only known face in the film is RGV’s old muse making a comeback with him, Priyanka aka Nisha Kothari and Ravi Kale famous for his role as Chander in Sarkar and Sarkar Raj. Telugu star Nitin Reddy is making his Bollywood debut with this film. RGV’s had earlier claimed this film as a tribute to internationally renowned horror films like The Thing, Alien and The Blair Witch Project.

A trade analyst observes, “The film is not a big budget one and given the growing curiosity surrounding its mysterious creature will definitely make money for Ramu. He has dubbed it in Telugu, his native language and since he knows the pulse of the Andhra audience he must be damn confident about the outcome. A smart move one can say.”

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Agyaat – to kill actress Priyanka

Priyanka Kothari by birth, switched to Nisha Kothari and now again rocking as Priyanka; Ms. Kothari is back in tinsel town. She will be seen in RGVs soon to release ‘Agyaat’.

Agyaat is about a film unit which goes for a jungle-shoot and go astray. The crew-members get killed one after the other, leaving the rest running for their life. It is not known to anyone who has killed them, or whether it is a man or animal or something else. “Even audience would not know who the killer is. There are so many incidences that happen in our lives and we don’t have answer for it, similarly the film is about the unknown. It will be the journey of fear for the audience,” elucidates Priyanka. She adds further, “I play a film actress, her name is Asha. She is very elegant, dignified and a very strong woman.”

Looking back, the actress confesses she still gets jitters at times and has not overcome the fear of Agyaat, “Just two days back I felt like Agyaat is following me and is trying to kill me. I don’t think I would be able to go to Thames temple again.”

She is famously known as Ghungroo of the infamous attempt of remaking the classic. And from thereon she came to be known as RGVs girl. “I always loved working with him. He presents me beautifully onscreen. He has always given me interesting roles. He is a genius and it’s always an honour to work with him,” she extols.

Now again she is coming back after two years in a Hindi film by RGV. “It is not my comeback. I only appear in media when my film is about to release. This doesn’t mean I am not around. Most of the actors do one film a year, so even my film is coming after one and a half year; it is not comeback as I was always here. I was waiting for the right script to come my way,” she asserts.

Priyanka has recently resumed her birth name and denies any confusion for audience. “It is just the name that has changed, I am the same person and so is my work. I felt more comfortable with the name Priyanka and got bored with Nisha so I got back to my original identity,” she states bluntly. Not that we are complaining of two Priyankas in Bollywood!

Actually the reason we were missing her from the Bollywood circuit is because Priyanka was keeping busy down south! She has done films in Telgu, Tamil and Kannada. “Nothing it’s just the passion for films whether it is South film or Hindi film. For me it’s just the character that matters,” she concludes. Wake up Agyaat girl, you talk of going downtown when your contemporaries aspire to go uptown Hollywood!

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