Aftab Shivdasani-Filmy Journey and Future Plans

Aftab Shivdasani, the Bollywood Actor, talks about his filmy journey and future plans. Read the interview with Aftab at CalcuttaTube.

Aftab Shivdasani-Filmy Journey and Future Plans

Mast boy Aftab Shivdasani has come a long way in the industry. He is through with the roller coaster ride of ten years in the meanest industry. He gets candid in an interview and talks about his journey so far, and shares his future plans.

Why do you want to turn producer?

One of the reasons is that I want to do films of my type and secondly I liked the script.

So will you be working with establishes directors or newcomers?

I would want to work with established directors like Rakyesh Mehra and Raju Hirani.

Are you satisfied with your graph so far?

Little more success was welcomed. All the films that released in 2008 irrespective of their box office results satisfy me as an actor, as each character is different from other. As far as the whole career is concerned, I agree I did make a few wrong choices of films. As wisdom dawn upon me little late, I now look for quality not quantity, in fact what I then thought was quality turned out to be quantity.

So what made you take up Daddy Cool?

I always wanted to do a crazy role. As that’s the part of my personality, I am very laid-back about my looks and attire. I got to do something that I can closely relate to so I grabbed it.

Are you disappointed for Aloo Chat not doing well?

It was a family centric film. I am glad that people are watching it on satellite and it is making money. But had it been watched in multiplexes when it released, it would have benefited actors too.

Anuj said once that you and Amna did not promote his film Aloo Chat well?

One has to point finger at someone so he must have told this. He will not take the blame on himself. Otherwise there are so many reasons for a film to not work.

Would you do any award winning film?

What is the definition of an award winning performance? Most of them who win according to me do not deserve. Awards are not important to me, but are just another feather in my cap.

-Deepa Mishra/ Sampurn

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