Afghan workers protest maltreatment by US military

Kabul, Jan 24 (IANS) Afghan workers at Bagram Air Base have staged a protest against maltreatment by the US military, a media report said Sunday.

Employees at the US military airport and housing complex in Bagram, gathered in front of the camp to show opposition ‘to US’ inappropriate treatment of the workers’, Press TV reported.

Demonstrators said they have to pass through a ‘scanning device equipped with laser beams’ which puts the employees’ health at risk.

‘We have to stand in queue for many hours to pass the security check post one by one,’ explained one of the protestors.

The Bagram Air Base, 11 km southeast of Charikar in Parwan province, is currently occupied by 5th and 6th aviation battalions of the US Army.

Thousands of Afghans work in the camp every day. They warned of quitting if the problem is not resolved.

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