Singer Adnan Sami’s Bollywood dreams


By Subhash K Jha

Feb 4, 2010 (Calcutta Tube): It’s finally happening. The crisis-ridden life of Adnan Sami is finally turning a gentle corner.

And he’s ready to take that long-delayed plunge into acting. The project, it is reliably learnt will feature Adnan in an unexpected role. Even more unexpected is the fact that Adnan will be directing the untitled film which is expected to have three leading ladies.

The film with a screenplay co-written by Adnan is expected to roll later this year. It was to start in February 2010. But got delayed because of Adnan’s marriage this week.

Says Adnan, “I’d have actually started my acting career long ago if all this sh..t hadn’t happened in my life. My personal battles took priority. Now that I’m out of it I am launching my production with me in the lead.”

Speaking on his acting debut Adnan says, “I wanted to play a man who did things I didn’t do. The whole point of acting is to assume personalities that you cannot be in your own life.”

So we probe Adnan to know what he’s playing. “I play an imposter, a con-man. A man with an angelic face who has a dark sinister side to his personality.”

-Sampurn Wire

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