Adah ki adaayein


One-film-old Adah Sharma has floored the audience with her horror-filled adaayein in film 1920 and now she is back in suspense-filled love story ‘Phirr’. In this film she’s donned four jackets, two pairs of socks, a tie, a boot, a Skirt, a Muffler…She gets candid in an interview and shares her real life fashion fundas.

      What is fashion for you?

One should not do excess of make up to hide anything, in fact one should flaunt their flaws gracefully. Style is something you are born with and fashion you can buy. I dress up in lot of colours but it has to be casual and basic.

      Are you a trendsetter or trend follower?

When I was in school, we had to compulsorily tie two plaits with ribbons. I use to hate wearing ribbons so I conveniently did not wear them for a week. She excused me many a times but one day she lost her cool and tied my hair with sutli (thin rope). Next day again I went to school wearing those sutlis. As I was a good student other students would copy what ever I did. After that almost everybody wore sutlis to school and that trend followed even after I passed out. 


     Most comfortable outfit?

Pajamas are very comfortable to wear. 


      What do you prefer wearing while traveling?

I wear track pants or pajamas. Because jeans is uncomfortable when you have to sit for long.

      What do you wear at home?

I wear pajamas or tiny shots. 

       What are you carrying in your handbag?

I have two books, my cell phone charger and a Lip balm.

      What about eye make-up?

I don’t wear kohl or mascara. I have very long eyelashes when I wear mascara I look like blinker dolls.


      What would you wear on your dream date?

It depends on where are we going, but I would like to be casual.

      Are you Shopaholic?

I am very quick shopper. I am not like I will see five tops and choose one. I shop from anywhere; I do pick stuffs from linking road. Otherwise Mango and Benetton are my favourites.

      Embarrassed to get overtly dressed up?

      I am a person who generally wears orange shoes and yellow top with a red bag. It is very hard to get me in embarrassing situation.

      How do you dress up at last minute?

As my hair is curly when I open the bun it takes very nice shape so I leave my hair as it is. Heels are not as cool as sneaker and flats but I don’t mind wearing them if they are nice. I prefer short dresses for outing.

      What according to you looks more sensuous, Bikini or Wet sari?

Sari is always sensuous whether it is wet or dry. We Indians look best in it. I must confess I don’t yet have guts to carry bikini. 


      Who according to you is the best dressed actor in Bollywood?

Rekha and Sushmita Sen are two actresses who look good in whatever they wear. John Abraham is also cool; it doesn’t look like as if he has put in efforts to dress up for the occasion.


-Deepa Mishra/Sampurn Medi

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