Actress Preeti Soni on Hindi movie ‘U R My Jaan’

Actress Preeti at music release of Hindi movie 'U R My Jaan'Sept 22, 2011 (Calcutta Tube): Debutante actress Preeti Soni who will seen in Arun Govil’s Hindi feature film ‘U R Jaan’ also starring new face Mikaal talks about the movie, her inspirations. Read the interview at Calcutta Tube.

Q: How did you come to films? What were you doing before this?

A: I am from a Marwari family and we have moved from Kolkata to Mumbai. I have been doing print ads in Kolkata and in Mumbai I have performed stage shows and Rap shows. Then I made a video with Aronji called ‘Shoot on Sight.’ I have also done many other videos including for Hansraj. Finally, I have become an heroine.

Q: How did you bag role in U R my Jaan? What is your role?

A: Since I have already done a video with Producer – Director Aronji, they felt that I suit the role and they signed me on. In the movie, I am playing the character of Reena, who is a bubbly but simple girl from Chandigarh. I come with a lot of dreams and I happen to meet a business tycoon Akash. You can watch on the screen for what happens further.

Q: What is good and bad about Aron Govil?
A: The good thing is that he explains in a very loving way and we felt that we have come for picnic and not for shooting. I didn’t find him much bad except that he gets tough when someone arrives late.

Q: This is a romantic movie. Is there romance in your life or do you have any special memories from the shoot?

A: For me, love is like a dream. I have not fallen in love yet. The day I fall in love, I will definitely let you know. A movie is about acting and try to do that in real life. If hero dies in the movie, does he dies in real life? The memorable part in the movie was applying making at 40 degree centigrade heat in Jodhpur.

Q: You are from a marwari family. What was their reaction?
A: First they were against it and then they agreed.

Q: What roles you would like to play in future and which hero – heroins are your favorite?

A: I would like to do roles like Sridevi did in Hindi movie ‘Chandhi.’ I want to do roles like Sri Devi. I also like Hema Malini and Rekha. Among heroes, I like Hrithik Roshan very much. I would like to do all kinds of roles with him.

Q: What are your future plans?
A: I have read two scripts and currently I am waiting for the movie to release. I will see after that.

– Sanjay Sharma Raj

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