Actress Prachi Desai to promote Goa tourism

Panaji, Aug 11 (IANS) Actress Prachi Desai has been roped in by Goa to promote tourism in the state, whose image has taken a beating due to attacks on foreign women tourists, including the 2008 assault and death of British teenager Scarlett Keeling.

Prachi was introduced as the brand ambassador of Goa tourism at a press conference in Panaji Wednesday organised by the state’s tourism department.

Speaking to reporters, Prachi said that while there was a perception developing in India and abroad that Goa was not a safe place to be in, her personal visits to Goa had proved otherwise.

‘When youngsters come here, they should have fun, but they should behave responsibly. We should keep spreading the word around that it is safe to come to Goa,’ said the actress, who has featured in films like ‘Rock On’ and ‘Once upon a time in Mumbai’.

‘I am honoured to become a part of (the promotion of) such a popular tourism destination. I simply love Goa. I welcomed the last two New Years in Goa itself,’ she further said.

Tourism Director Swapnil Naik said that Prachi Desai fits the brand image for tourism in Goa.

‘She is the face of young India. She is modern in outlook and still has traditional values,’ Naik said.

‘Goa is a great place to be in for a holiday. It has beaches, but it is also so rich in terms of culture and tradition. There is so much more to explore,’ Desai said.

The image of Goa has taken a severe beating in the last few years, especially after the sexual assault and death of British teenager Scarlett Keeling at Anjuna beach in February 2008.

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