Actress-activist Shabana Azmi praised Rahul for taking on Shiv Sena

New Delhi, Feb 6 (Calcutta Tube) Actress-activist Shabana Azmi is all praise for Rahul Gandhi and he ‘cocked a snook’ at the Shiv Sena with his Mumbai trip Friday. And she feels the Sena is trying to boost its ‘sagging political career’ by intimidating the makers of Shah Rukh-starrer ‘My Name Is Khan’.

[ReviewAZON display=”searchquery” query=”Shabana Azmi” count=”3″ category=”DVD” page=”1″ sort=”salesrank”]’More power to Rahul Gandhi for cocking a snook at the Shiv Sena in its own den in Mumbai by taking the local train from Dadar, which is considered the bastion of the Shiv Sena,’ Shabana told IANS through email.

Congress general secretary Rahul Gandhi made a four-hour visit to Mumbai Friday during which he surprised everyone by boarding crowded local trains and mixing with locals while Shiv Sena activists showed him black flags.

‘This one act has catapulted him into a hero for all those who have been watching him grow in stature as the leader India is looking for,’ said Shabana.

The Shiv Sena has launched a vicious attack on Shah Rukh Khan for advocating the participation of Pakistani players in the Indian Premier League (IPL).

‘The Shiv Sena is trying to intimidate the makers of ‘My Name is Khan’ as a peg on which to hang their sagging political career. The state must call their bluff and ensure safe passage for the film.

‘I am proud of Shah Rukh Khan for standing by what he has said. The film industry is vulnerable because of huge monies riding on the film. The Shiv Sena has sent letters to theatre owners warning them not to release the film. How can any political power abrogate to themselves this authority?

‘The state must protect the theatre owners. I am confident ‘My Name Is Khan’ will be released and people will go to watch the film. That will be the appropriate response to the bullies.’

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