Accident on Hill Road (2010) Hindi Film Review

Accident On Hill Road is 2010 Hindi film directed by Mahesh Nair with Celina Jaitley, Abhimanyu Singh, Farooque Shaikh in lead roles. Check out the review at

Accident On Hill Road is 2010 Hindi film directed by Mahesh Nair with Celina Jaitley, Abhimanyu Singh, Farooque Shaikh in lead roles. Check out the review at

Accident on Hill Road: Audience becomes the casuality

Rating: 1.5 out of 5*

Starring: Celina Jaitley, Abhimanyu Singh and Farooque Shaikh

Director: Mahesh Nair

Critics Review:

Sonam Chopra (Celina Jaitley) works as a nurse at an old age home. She is due to go to London for a job she has landed with the Red Cross Society. She has got a call for her visa interview after two days and life couldn’t be more exciting for her. But things for her go terribly wrong when after a binge drinking night party, she knocks down a man, Prakash Srivastav (Farooque Shaikh), while driving her car. Unfortunately, Prakash gets stuck in the windshield of her car with half of his body inside and half outside the car. Fearing that she’d never get her visa if the matter came to the knowledge of the police, she does all under her control to keep this accident a secret. Prakash languishes, badly injured and half-in-half-out, in her garage where she has parked the car. She calls her boyfriend, Sid (Abhimanyu Singh), to help her but he goes away after spending the night in bed with her instead. The next morning, she is shocked to learn that the accident victim is still alive. Prakash pleads with her to extricate his body and let him go and even promises not to complain against her to the police. When Sonam gets more frustrated, she even tries to kill him but Prakash still lives seriously injured. It is then when Sonam requests Sid to help her to eliminate Prakash so that she gets her visa. But destiny has something else in store for the all of three!

With the basic concept copied from the Hollywood film Stuck, Accident on Hill Road makes for a painful watch for the audience because of its childish screenplay and the unbelievable manner in which the film’s major characters behave. Imagine, a boyfriend instead of helping his girlfriend out of a situation which involves a possible dead body stuck in her wind shield, opting to make out with her all night and leaving without even caring to take a look at the car. Also, when the victim, Prakash pleads with her to let him go and allays her fears of a police complaint against her, Sonam doesn’t so much as think even once before turning down his plea and infact doesn’t mind risking a murder against her name rather than trying to solve the problem she has landed herself in. The attempt to create edge of the seat moments fall flat. Debutante director Mahesh Nair shows technical finesse but fails to hold together a thriller. However, his execution of the climax is superb. One hopes with a good script on hand he delivers a much better film next time.

Celina Jaitely gives it her all and delivers a good performance. Abhimanyu Singh is good but is saddled with a half baked role. But one really wonders what made a talented actor like Farooque Shaikh choose this film?

Accident on Hill Road is an absolute waste of your precious time, check it out on the DVD that too only if you are a big fan of Celina Jaitley who looks super hot throughout the film.


Review by IANS

‘Accident On Hill Road’ – too much noise and gore (IANS Film Review; Rating:**)

By Subhash K. Jha

Film: “Accident On Hill Road”; Cast: Celina Jaitley, Abhimanyu Singh, Farooque Shaikh

Rating: **

There’s a man stuck on your windscreen! That’s what you want to scream to Celina Jaitley. But gosh, she does so much of that screaming herself that you don’t really want to add to the din in this gory tale that takes place at night.

Celina oozes oomph and is the backbone of this ‘being bad is good’ upturned morality tale. After having knocked down a poor pedestrian (Farooque Shaikh), who spends the rest of the movie stuck to the windshield, the nurse frantically tries to find ways to get rid of the writhing man.

Agony is the film’s main ecstasy. This genre of horror cinema revels in creating acute discomfort and gruesome circumstances for the characters to a point where the audience is actually supposed to enjoy the ceaseless chill spill.

“Accident On Hill Road” is road rage in all its gory splendour, committed to creating a  string of incidents that suggest a vicarious mayhem. Debutant direct Mahesh Nair lets loose a binge of blood and gore.

This is Celina’s first real opportunity to sink her teeth into an author-backed role. And she does get into her meaty role…

Then meet her boyfriend – a drug peddler called Sid, playing with menacing  aggressiveness by Abhimanyu Singh. What happened to all the noble evil-warring heroes of our films? Sid is so immoral he makes Mogambo look like a cartoon hero.

Apparently adapted from Hollywood horror flick “Stuck”, “Accident On Hill Road” leaves you shaken by its gore-quotient… But not quite stirred.

The original Hollywood film probably describes not just the physical state of the accident victim but also the psychological condition of the audience.

This accident could have been avoided. Since it has has occurred and with screeching tyres, it might as well be borne.

–Indo-Asian News Service

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