Abohoman Bengali Movie First Look-Rituparno Ghosh

Abohoman Bengali Movie First Look-Rituparno Ghosh
Rituparno Ghosh’s upcoming Bengali film, Abohomaan, is based on legendary filmmaker, Satyajit Ray’s life. Apparently, Ray had some issues with his wife and son. A major part of the film focuses on that.



[ReviewAZON asin="B002B65T7A" display="inlinepost"]Even though Rituparno wanted Amitabh Bachchan to play the lead role with Shabana Azmi as his wife and Madhuri Dixit and Farhan Akhtar as the actress who he is attracted to and his son respectively, he had to settle for actor Dipankar Dey as the protagonist. Mamta Shankar plays his wife and Ananya Chatterjee, the actress. Jishu Sengupta plays the son.

Produced by Reliance Big Pictures; the film is said to have been fictionalized by Rituparno. While those who know Ray can definitely point out the similarities, it is not entirely based on his life.

Dipankar Dey as Satyajit Ray
Mamta Shankar as as Satyajit’s wife
Ananya Chatterjee – actress to whom Satyajit was attracted to.
Jishu Sengupta – son of Satyajit Ray

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10 Responses to “Abohoman Bengali Movie First Look-Rituparno Ghosh”

  1. Ramkrishna says:

    Dear Rituparno sir i have a very fantastic story a award-winning story, it can surprise all and i want to listen this story ONLY TO YOU….

    so plz contact me via

  2. raahul dutta says:

    awesome acting of all,specially Mamata Shankar,Jishu,Dipankar,nice editing by Argha Kamal………………to me Rituparna’s best film………by heart saying the script,overall the package is really mind blowing

  3. Sumontro M says:

    Congratulations Rituporno…..apni abohoman kaal dhorey AWARD petey thakun. apni ekhon Bangla cinemar first boy congrats again

  4. just thoughts says:

    the film is good no doubt and everybody’s speaking in superlatives.I liked it immensely and that is why i feel obliged to point out that there is a grammatical error by Apratim at the beginning..imaginary “lines” that “covers”? Was Sandeep Ray little poor in english? Probably yes. Mamata Shankar ,so educated and sophisticated says: “konta truth aar konta fact”? Doesn’t she know truth and fact are the same? But awe some acting really the script too ,but i feel srimoti’s inviting question whether whether A wants to have a relation with her is carrying the subtle thing too far.
    hope you don’t mind.these are small flaws (something like Aparna Sen’s Rahul Bose a high school teacher of this generation requesting the headmaster of his school for a long leave and adding “dekhben chakrita jeno thake! doesn’t he know the rules?)

  5. Awesome movie, Especially the storytelling. It really is a innovative and interesting way. Perhaps I would give Rituporno 92 out of 100 for the story…
    One confusing matter… does it really portray Satyajit? I have not got any evidence behind this…
    if any one have, please let me know.

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  7. prabir says:

    how our dear reviewer knows this is satyajit ray? did ray tell him?

  8. Sid Debgupta says:

    When the movie is horseshit, one resorts to gimmicks – hence the unfounded allusions to Ray ( whose clearly stated preference for story lines and density is well known, something lacking in this interminable bore ). Ghosh is probably the most overrated director of all time, not just in Bengali cinema. His glacial, substance-less efforts draw chiefly on gimmickry, visual indulgences and a opportunistic meddling around with works of true art.

  9. sarwar says:

    Abohoman aer vedio song gulo kothai pabo? kau ki jane

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