Abhishek Bachchan-Thanks to Dostana, girls don’t want me to act in serials on TV in serials


Abhishek Bachchan who is making his debut on TV as a game show host with Idea National Bingo Night on Colors tells Jyothi Venkatesh in a candid chat that it was the idea of interacting live with his fans that prompted him to give nod to the show.

What prompted you to make your debut on TV with the game show ‘Idea National Bingo Night’?

The sheer simplicity of the idea borrowed from an International concept and the fact that this show is highly interactive is what attracted me to saying yes to the show. Winning here is easy, because you need not answer any difficult question or for that matter perform any strenuous physical tasks. The idea is simple-leave behind all your worries, relax and enjoy and take a chill pill. It is all about making your Saturday nights entertaining right in the comfort of your own home.

What is the message that you want to drive home through the show?

I want to spread the message of relaxation. I want people who watch my show to relax, chill out and cool. I was happy when I was approached to host this game show called ‘Idea National Bingo Night’ by Colors. It is the first game show not only for me but also for the channel. The format of the show which is excellent appealed to me instantly.

Who is your role model as a host?

My role model, as the host is definitely Mr. Amitabh Bachchan. My dad is the best game show anchor on television till date. It would be foolish on my part if I do not confess that he is my idol. I would not say that he is my Indian Idol, because that format belongs to some other channel, not ‘Colors’ (Laughs)

Did you seek your father’s tips to host the show?

His advice to me was to go up there, have fun and be myself. He said relax and be nice to the contestants and you have won half your battle as the host of the show.

What is the USP of the show?

The audience does not get to see the real person when they watch the film where they perceive you as the character that you set out to play. For the first time, my fans will get to meet me in flesh and blood in the show, especially since it is for the first time that I am trying my hand on television as a game host.

Does the show promote gambling?

It is a skill based game and has got nothing to do with gambling. We do not want to make the game too complicated for the audiences and hence there is absolutely no tough question to test your general knowledge or Intelligent Quotient. Not only the celebrities who take part in the show but also the studio audiences and the home viewer stands to win cash prizes in the show.

Can you tell us the names of the celebrities who are the guests on your show?

My dad is the first guest on the show. We take on the celebrities according to the format and do not believe in taking a celebrity just for the sake of taking a celebrity. Shahrukh Khan and Farhan Akhtar are yet to be shot for the show, though others like Deepika Padukone, Kiran Kher aunt, Vidya Balan, Arshad Warsi, Karan Johar, Pravesh Rana, Avinash Mukherjee, Avika Gor, Vindu Dara Singh and Sonali Bendre have already shot for the show.

Did you have any reservation about making the transition from films to TV?

I do not differentiate between a film and a television show. I was very keen on making my debut on TV, because I really feel that it is a fantastic way to interact with the audiences. It is not that earlier I was not offered shows but I did not find any other offer as interesting as this one to host this game show. The fact that I am hosting this show does not mean that I have stopped acting in films and taken to TV.

Are you seriously considering offers to act in TV serials since you do not differentiate between films and TV?

Thanks to Karan Johar having cast me in his film Dostana, guys want me to act on TV whereas girls are not in favour of me taking up acting in serials. If the channel asks me to play the grown up Jagya in the show Balika Badhu, I am game (laughs). I interacted with both Anandi and Jagya in my show and found both of them to be very chirpy and bright. Anandi and Jagya, I mean Avika and Avinash have also become my friends after they shot for the show.

Do you think that the presence of a celebrity makes a big difference to any show?

I am of the opinion that if a show is good, it really does not matter who the celebrity host or for that matter, anchor is. Similarly, on the other hand, I feel that no host can save the show if it is bad. A host can only add to the show as an icing on the cake. As far as ‘Idea National Bingo Night’ is concerned, I feel that it is actually a win win situation for all of us. I would say that the foundation of the show is its strength and having me as the host will certainly add to the entertainment quotient of the show.

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