Abhishek Bachchan, Soman Kapoor on Bollywood Movie ‘Players’

Bipasha Basu, Sonam Kapoor, Abhishek BachchanJan 4, 2012 (Calcutta Tube): Bollywood actors Abhishek Bachchan, Soman Kapoor share their experience and thoughts on the Bollywood Hindi movie ‘Players’ also starring Bipasha Basu, Neil Nitin Mukesh, Omi Vaidya, Bobby Deol. Read the interview at Calcutta Tube.

Do you think good promotion of a films helps lessen the threats from piracy?

Abhishek: We try our best and I think the authorities are doing a good job. But there is always more than we can do. I don’t know the roots of all these (piracy). But like I said, we need some very stringent anti-piracy laws. Once those are placed, I am sure we will be in a better position.

Sonam, you are spotting a bold and beautiful look in Players

Sonam: Yes. I have donned a very different look in the film. But then, I have only done six films before Players. I am around for a very short period of time…this is going to be my fourth year in the industry. However, I always try to do something new in all my films. And ya, may be I am adventurous enough to do something like that in Players. I get bored doing same things in all films.

You are known as one of Bollywood’s most stylish actors. So it must not have been difficult?

Sonam: Well…I had to prepare a lot for this film. I am used to doing films where I am a little more girl-next-door kind of person. For Players it was like getting into the inherent style in me, which may be you have seen in my public life and not much in my films. It was translating that on screen and trying to figure how people will like me. I think that was one of the most important preparations I had to take.

In a multi-starrer, how much screen-time can you expect?

Sonam: For me, a character is like my clothes…a character where she does something different or grows in a particular way…I try to do that with each and every film of mine. It has always been like a character arch for me. People might or might not love my films, but they will always remember a Sakina (Saawariya) or a Bittu (Delhi 6) or Aisha (Aisha), and may be now Naina (Players).  For me, that’s what is most important. It doesn’t matter how big or small role I have. It’s how you play it and what character you play.

You share screen with Bipasha Basu in the film. Is there any insecurity?

Sonam: Do we look insecure? See the promos and you will find we have our respective characters to play.

Abhishek, your on-screen attitude and styles are much alike your father Amitabh Bachchan. Do you consciously imitate his style?

Abhishek: See, I belong to this (film) industry. I have grown up in this industry…I have grown up idolizing so many people and their styles. I don’t know very many Indians who do not follow and try to idolize one of their favourite filmstars. I remember, during my childhood there was a haircut called Amitabh Cut. We always wanted to get that. I think it’s the way of showing a fan’s love for what we do. Like people are loving my clothes and jackets in Players. I am very happy about it.

Your co-stars in Players (Bipasha Basu, Bobby Deol, Sonam Kapoor, Neil Nitin Mukesh, Omi Vaidya and Sikander Kher) calls you Guruji (mentor). Why is that?

Abhishek: Arree…no, no. I am their shishya (student). I just did that film (Guru) but don’t know why they still call me that (smiles).

Who did a better job in Players-Bipasha or Sonam?

Both Sonam and Bipasha are wonderful actors, dear friends and great professionals. And  I think its wonderful that they managed to transcend just the actor tag and be known for a lot of other things. Congratulations to both of them…whatever they are doing, they are doing a great job.

– Sreya Basu

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