Abhishek Bachchan promotes population control

Mumbai, July 25 (Calcutta tube / IBNS) Bollywood actor Abhishek Bachchan is busy these days spreading awareness about population control.

Don’t we all remember the last time a treacherous power-cut, in the middle of our favorite one-day match or TV soap ruined the mood, forcing us to find some other form of entertainment?

Lack of entertainment in the lives of ordinary citizens could have often resulted in couples falling prey to unplanned family extensions which has added to the population of the country…this is what the latest ad campaign of telecom major Idea Cellular suggests.

Brand Idea suggests a simple and effective solution to this problem, through seamless and non-stop entertainment with Idea’s 3G services! Idea’s new brand campaign, once again based on a social theme, highlights the country’s challenge of Population inflation and suggests a simple telephony solution.

Idea’s new Television ad shows Brand Ambassador Abhishek Bachchan explaining to a friend that the root cause of over population in our country is the unavailability of entertainment options for people.

He suggests Idea 3G and its many innovative applications such as – Mobile TV, Gaming, Video Calling, Social Networking on Super Fast Internet – that offer non-stop entertainment to help people stay connected and entertained.

The ad leaves a message that there will be ‘No Aabaadi, No Barbaadi’ because people will be ‘3G pe Busy’.

The mood of the ad is light and humorous, yet with a strong connect with a larger audience, as it features people from various parts of the country, reacting similarly once their only source of entertainment i.e. TV is shut down due to a power-cut!

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