Abhay Deol signed on as the Brand Ambassador of Video Volunteers

‘Dev D’ actor Abhay Deol has been signed on as the Brand Ambassador of ‘Video Volunteers’, an organization which is dedicated to create an alternative media at the grass root level. Having Abhay Deol as the face of the organization will help this idea to reach to the common man of every community and help them raise their voice through videos.

On associating with this initiative versatile actor Abhay Deol says, “’Video Volunteers’ has created a movement based on the idea that the poor in India have a right to voice and to express themselves creatively. As a creative artist myself and someone committed to alternative cinema, I find it tremendously exciting. I congratulate ‘Video Volunteers’ for giving platform to so many communities around India to express their expression to make life better in their communities.”

Starting ‘Video Volunteers’ in 2003 in association with different NGOs it has now grown from strength to strength to 100 dedicated people, who are working full time around the country as the Community Video Producer. The Community Video Producers make films on topics like health, water, sanitation and human rights that are shown in community settings.

It is a great initiative on behalf of ‘Video Volunteers’ and also Abhay Deol for becoming a part of such program which will help people from different communities to put forth their problem.

-Anil A Kanojia/ Sampurn Media

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