Abhay Deol almost got rejected for Dev Benegal’s ‘Road, Movie’

Mumbai, Feb 17 (Calcutta Tube) Actor Abhay Deol almost got rejected for Dev Benegal’s ‘Road, Movie’. Director Dev Benegal, who can’t stop raving about Abhay Deol now, admits that initially he had rejected him for the role in ‘Road, Movie’. Releasing March 5 here, ‘Road, Movie’ revolves around Vishnu (Abhay Deol), a young man desperate to escape a future working as a salesman for his father’s hair oil business.

‘My casting director had given me some pictures of Abhay long back, where he was shirtless and those were all posey glamorous pictures. I hated the pictures and told the casting director that I don’t want this kind of hero for my film,’ said Benegal.

‘Later I met Abhay in New York and while having a conversation I realised how he completely fits in the character of Vishnu in ‘Road, Movie’. He had that freshness and vulnerability that was required for Vishnu’s character. Hence I decided to work with him. It was funny that he was the same guy, I rejected earlier,’ he added.

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