Abbas Tyrewala’s wife Pakhi collapses shooting for upcoming film 1-800-Love

Mumbai, May 25 (Calcutta Tube) Bollywood film director Abbas Tyrewala‘s wife Pakhi almost passed out while shooting for a romantic summer song for upcoming Hindi film 1-800 Love’ in London when the temperature dipped unexpectedly to a shivering winter-condition.

Recalling the incident, Tyrewala said: ‘This was global warming in reverse. We had planned the romantic song months in advance for May to capture the soft summer light and shades in London. Pakhi’s clothes had been designed accordingly.’

Once the shooting started, the weather began to act really strange. ‘No one had ever heard of such freezing conditions in summer (in London). It was bizarre,’ said Tyrewala.

Pakhi was dressed in thin summer dresses.

‘She had no choice. We had planned this as a summer song. She had to be dressed in backless dresses and noodle straps,’ said Tyrewala.

As the temperature dipped, Pakhi collapsed.

‘In fact, John, who joined Pakhi in the song two days later, told us it was too cold even for him although he was fully covered. We didn’t listen. We had no choice,’ said the director who had earlier made hit romantic movie ‘Jaane Tu… Ya Jaane Na’.

The experience has taught Tyrewala that planning schedules according to the weather is no longer foolproof. ‘You could plan a summer shoot. And the weather conditions could turn wintry on as you, as they did on us.’

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