Abar Bomkesh (2012) Bengali Film- Music Launch – Anjan Dutt

Kolkata, Mar 15 (IBNS): The music album of upcoming Bengali thriller “Abar Bomkesh” was launched in Kolkata on Wednesday.

The film has used one of Tagore’s songs ‘Shokhi Bhabona Kahare Bole’ where Swastika will be seen lip-synching the song.

Commenting on this, Abir said: “The song has been used beautifully and it has got its suspense thriller in the film.”

“There is a signature song that will be used in all Bomkesh films,” said Anjan.

Many such films don’t carry songs, said music director Neel Dutt, adding: “For any movie the background is very important. And if a film comes without a song then that will be more challenging.”

In the detective Bengali thriller Abir Chatterjee will be seen essaying the role of detective Bomkesh in trade mark Bengali ‘Dhuti Panjami’ (Bengali traditional dress) look.

When asked to Anjan about the reason for selecting Abir as Bomkesh, he said: “Abir is very intelligent that’s why we have chosen him. Moreover he has got that Bengali flavor and look in him that is required for the Bomkesh character.”

When asked to Anjan how confident he is about Abir’s Dhuti Panjami get up, he said: “The story has been set up in the 60s because I have to let remain the age same. Moreover, people have accepted Bomkesh in that way. My film has the same Bomkesh that people have read in books.”

“Basically, I have problem with changes in literature. Nothing should be changed in literature be it Bomkesh, Feluda or Sherlock Holmes and people too have accepted the original story in the film,” he added.

“This is the age of change but we cannot bring change in everything. Some of the great work and literature should remain same,” he further said.

Speaking about the Bengali flavor in detective Bomkesh, he said: “I think people want a Bengali Bomkesh, they want a Bengali flaouver in him. And I think the young generation is intelligent enough to understand that the ‘Dhuti Panjabi’ look is justified to the character of detective Bomkesh.”

When asked to Anjan why he chose North Bengal for ‘Abar Bomkesh’, he said: “We have not repeated the same place because of political condition. In the film Bomkesh is ill so he needed to be taken somewhere where he can be cured. And hill and sea is best because these places refreshe mind.”

“Wherever and whenever Bomkesh is shot and released it will be accepted by the people,”  he said confidently.

Speaking about the beautiful places that the film has explored, Abir said: “We have been to Lataguri, Motalo, Murti Nodi. And we have also explored the forests.”

Saswata Chatterjee, Ushasie Chakraborty, Pijush Ganguly, Kaushik Sen, Chandan Sen, Sujan Mukherjee,  Debranjan Nag, Kunal Padhi, Sudipa Bose, Biswajit Chakravarty and Swastika are the other star cast of the film.

“I am playing a Professor named Shom. He flies abroad with the help of his in-law’s money. But his wife is so suspicious about him that he returns back to the country. Basically he is very scared of his wife. And ultimately because of this he never goes anywhere,” Pijush said about his character in the film.

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