Aarya Babbar to use nickname for comic series

Bollywood actor Aarya Babbar is writing a mythological comic book series and has decided to use his nickname as his pen name for his pet project ‘Pushpak Vimaan’.

‘Well, Gorky was the name given to me by father as soon as I was born actually! It’s my nick name and friend’s and family still call me by that name. I felt a need of a pen name and decided to go ahead with this,’ Aarya said in a press statement.

‘Perhaps a different name also allows the writer more freedom visually and to be something else, I guess,’ he added.

Aarya, son of veteran actor Raj Babbar and theatre personality Nadira, says he is currently working on the graphics of the book.

‘I have done research for four years on ‘Pushpak Vimaan’ and read many books related to various characters in Ramayana and the Mahabharata. Currently, I am working on the graphics and sketches of my characters looks,’ he added.

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