Aarti Chhabria Talks about Toss

Aarti Chhabria is raring for the double whammy with the release of her two multi-starrer film on the same Friday this month. But she is head over heels in love with her character in the film ‘Toss’.

Aarti Chhabria Talks about Toss-intimate Interview
Aarti Chhabria is raring for the double whammy with the release of her two multi-starrer film on the same Friday this month. But she is head over heels in love with her character in the film ‘Toss’. She goes ga-ga in the praise of her film and particularly her character in a candid interview with us.

[ReviewAZON asin=”1400023459″ display=”inlinepost”]How would you describe the film in your own words?

It’s unfair for me to put it in some genre. It’s a mix of everything. In fact after watching the film people would say that they want to make a film of ‘Toss’ genre. It is very fast-paced film that will keep you on the edge of your seat. It is the story of six friends who are coming back from a holiday, and a huge steel trunk stumbles upon them. Thing that is inside the steel case would change their entire life, their relationships and also their perspectives towards life.

You are one among those six friends, so how is your character exclusive?

I am playing a Goan girl Sasha who sings in cruises. She is very impulsive and would not regret for anything she does. You can either love her, or hate her, but no in-between feeling for her. She is an extremist and quick decision maker. All I would say is that she is a volcanic mix of sensuality and intelligence. I got a very nice song in the film Abbey saale…that’s the surprise package in the film.

How was the experience of doing such an extremist role?

Firstly, it was difficult for me to understand the character. I had to psyche myself to suppress Aarti, and bring out Sasha. I have never given so many takes in my life, which I took for this role. Even throughout the dubbing process they would grill me, and I would almost lose my voice.

Why as an actor playing this role was tough for you?

As an actor by default we are very expressive, though not needed at times. To play Sasha, I had to deliver heavy dialogues with blank expression. I am very different from this character, as I am a very simple person. I am quite predictable, but Sasha is unpredictably unpredictable. One would never know how she would react, at any given situation.

You said you took several retakes to attain OK, which scene in the film really gave you the toughest time?

As ‘Sasha’ I had to deliver very astute dialogues, keeping a poker face. But most of the times expression would come on my face. There was the scene when the gang of friends are arguing at some issue, it’s kind of repartee going on where she has to speak only once with no expression, mildly but with lot of certainty. It was difficult for me to hold my own.

You have been in the industry for seven long years and have worked with a gamut of directors, how was it working with debutant director Ramesh Khatkar?

At this juncture of my career, I should have been working with big directors, in fact I have, but we should not underestimate the new generation-directors. Films like 13 B, A Wednesday, Pyar Ke Side Effects are the few films that are made by first timers. About Rameshji- he is very clear on what he wants out of his artiste. He is a taskmaster. He would not hesitate to even ask veterans of the industry to delivery what he wants. It was a great learning experience with him.

The Film is a tussle between money and relationship, how do you look at it personally?

No one would want to rate relationship under money, but our film talks about how money outdoes emotions. In one of the songs, money is personified, and it narrates its journey. Money is dangerous, as it can make or break, twist and turn any relationship. Let’s face it; we have all become a hand puppet of Rupaiyaah.

What have you carried home after doing and then watching this film as an audience?

It’s a must-watch film. There is no drama or make-believe characters in it. In a given situation, each character would react according to what their logic dictates. It gives a new perspective on life to its audience, as it has the practical approach towards reality.

-Deepa Mishra/ Sampurn Media

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