Aar Ekti Premer Golpo (2010) Bengali Film

Aar Ekti Premer Golpo is a 2010 Bengali Movie directed by Kaushik Ganguly starring Rituparno Ghosh and Indraneil in lead role. Rituparno Ghosh is playing a “gay filmmaker” role in this movie.

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Aar Ekti Premer Golpo is a 2010 Bengali Movie directed by Kaushik Ganguly starring Rituparno Ghosh and Indraneil in lead role. Rituparno Ghosh is playing a “gay filmmaker” role in this movie. It would be most interesting to watch the much acclaimed director Ruruparno Ghosh doing a prominent role in Bengali Cinema.

Arekti Premer Golpo Bengali Movie Still
Arekti Premer Golpo Bengali Movie Still

With his”Shob Charitro Kalponik” on the threshold of release,something else is keeping Rituparno Ghosh busy.He is facing the camera in Koushik Ganguly’s”Arekti Premer Galpo”(previously titled Chhaya chhabi)as a gay filmmaker, Abhiroop,with Indraneil, (Basudeb, the cinematographer) playing his bisexual partner. Both of them live in Delhi and they have come down to Calcutta to make a documentary film. The director and his DoP (Director of Photography) run into trouble while shooting the film, which forces them to leave Calcutta and shoot it somewhere else.

Arekti Premer Galpo means that the love between Abhiroop and Basudeb is like any another love story. It’s no different from that between two heterosexual people…. Arekti Premer Galpo will also be the first film on homosexuality to be shot after the decriminalisation of Section 377 of the IPC,” adds Kaushik.

This movie might turn out to be the boldest step forward for Koushikda and co.

Preview and report by Kanishka, CT Reporter, Kolkata

22 thoughts on “Aar Ekti Premer Golpo (2010) Bengali Film

  1. this film would proof that love is an unique thing, no matters whom it is in between.
    thanks koushik da.

  2. Er age tomar kora shoonya e booke dekhechi.
    That was superb.Ebar Ritudake niye emon ekta bishoy niye chabi. DEkhar janyo adhir agrahe pratikshya korchi.GAY sex ke limelighte anar janya dhanyabad.

  3. just read an article abt the movie,curious to see it.when should it wil goin to release? or where should we can get the dvd of it.let me knw


  4. Thanks Koushik da and Ritu da for chosing the subject in bengal.Jara comment koreche ‘RITUPARNO SEXY BABE’ tader ami dhikkar janai becouse tinie amader film industry ke atota upore nie cholechen. Karon tini god ar ananno sriti.

  5. As the title of the film ” Aar ekti Premer Golpo”, if scrutinized, suggests that it is “yet another love story”, rather unconventional or off the track relationship that the convention tends to browse at. The relationship between Abhirup and Basudeb is nothing a subject hitherto unconceived of. World history is abound in with homosexual relationships. Socretes,Edward-ii, Richard-III, James Joyce, Beetoven….and the list is endless. What Kaushik Ganguly attempts to underscore is the burning issue, even though it has been lawfully decriminalized. It has to be borne in mind that homosexuality is the resultant aftermath of homosociality. The former is the sequel to the latter. Rituporno Ghosh, as the character calls for, is apt in the tailor-made role. Ritu knows what he is. He has nothing more to make his credentials. From behind the camera he has brought himself before, not to earn new acknowledgment, nor to arrest audience by a startling portrayal, but to throw light upon the virgin territory, the society has not yet stept into.

    1. Yes, truely said. Ritu has really touched the ground which is very sensitive and uncared by the society. A bold step to remove all worng notion and concept.

  6. Thanks Koushik aar Rituporno ke eto sundor ekta Movie uphar deber jonno. Ami tader uddesye boli jara aajo somaje “SOB SALA GAY” bole somaj e jamaibababu saajte jai: Tara koto ta asohay je tader iddentity crisiss niye doya hoi. Tader ke boli je,Ekjon ‘GAY’hoye je jaigai manush pouchote pare sekhane pouche dakhao to janbo se kotota “Stright”. Amar tader ke boli purush hote gele kauke choto korte hoi seta tar:
    1.Ruchir abhab
    2.Education kom ba nei
    3.Hoi se iddentity crisis e bhoge ba se nije belongs kore.
    Pls nijera change hoi noi to aagami kaale tomader swikar kore neber lok thakbe na e somaj e.

    1. u are absolutely right sudip…….. thanks to ritu da and koushik da ato sundor akta movie upohar deoar jonno r somajer aei srenir manus gulo k onekta alor disha deoar jonno….many many thanks……..

    2. sotyi ritu da n kausik da awesome…n thnk u very much for giving us such a beautiful flm….really sobar ae flm ta dkha uchit n na hese film ta bojha uchit…..tbe ami jotobr hall e dkhlm ae film ta totobr emn kichu audience peyeci jara hastei basto…even “bonomali tumi poro jonome hoiyo radha” ae gan ta k kichu lok hall e bose boleche “kirton”….shame on that people…..
      n sudip thank u very much……

    3. you are very right!!!rituda r koushikdar erokom akta ovabonio kajk jara sexual orientation er badhone bedhe felte chay they are mentally sick!!!!!rituda was mindblowing!!!!!!!

  7. The film shows the maturity of the Bengali celluloid. The expression and the detailing of the charecter is outstanding. There is no doubt about the performance of Indranil, Jishu, Chapal & mostly of Rituporno. Ritu’s expression, presence, dialogue don’t let us belief that it is his debut film. I feel every one should watch it, especially to understand what is love, how much one can sacrifice for love. The director’s spealilty is to reel out the parallel story of Chapal & Aviroop (Ritu). Hats off to Rituporno & Kaushik

  8. The people like pintu, gabul, samik are very much true that they are gay. but they don’t disturb any one or they don’t shout that you are straight. Then why are you shouting that “SAB SALA GAY”.
    I am very much sure that, if you people get the chance to sex with them, that time you people forgotten that they are gay, just doing for the “Masti.”
    Actually you people never understand their felling until unless your brother or your son going to be a GAY.

  9. I really liked the treatment of the movie. However, “Ushno Tar Jonno”, a telefilm by the same director on the same subject was more touching. Kudos to the director/producer for deciding to make a movie on a theme which is contemporary and essential. If Mr. Ganguli is reading this, I must say, I loved the use of ‘khol-kartal’ when Ritu is helping Churni dance. The drawing of a parallel with Chaitanya assumes significance.

  10. eager to see d movie……… good strategy koushik da. He has understood ki meshale film cholbe r public khabe. Doesn’t matter public kothakar… pocket vorlei holo.. 😛

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