Aamras (2009)

Aamras by Rupali Guha is about youth friendship. The film does average as the story loses track in the 2nd half. Read the review of Aamras at CalcuttaTube.

Aamras (2009)

Aamras: Is without raas!

Director: Rupali Guha

Starring: Vega, Natasha, Maanvi, Aanchal, Zarina Wahab, Reema, Ajay Singh Choudhury, Sunil Sinha and Manoj Pahwa.

Rating: 2 out of 5

Storyline and Comments

Aamras takes one back to the carefree days of life when one does not have anything to worry about. When one is a teenager and is on a threshold to explore the life coming ahead. Writer-director Rupali Guha is quite impressive in the first half but loses track in the second.

A simple story of four inseparable friends Jiya (Vega), Pari (Natasha), Rakhi (Maanvi) and Sanya (Aanchal), who belong to different family backgrounds and study in one of the most esteemed schools in the city. They stand for each other in their thick and thin and don’t keep any secret. The story goes well unless Rupali brings in a romantic twist, which makes Aamras any regular run-of-mill film.

It’s a youth-centric film and few sequences like MMS incident in the beginning result in gripping power, but the film loses threads in the second half.

Vega, Natasha, Maanvi and Aanchal are perfect for their roles. Ajay Singh Choudhury is wasted. Zarina Wahab and Reema are strictly good. Sunil Sinha and Manoj Pahwa are good.

On the whole, Aamras needs a lot of strong word of mouth to bring in the audience and is fairly a good film.

-Esha Razdan/ Sampurn

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